This was an outfit I have been wishing to draw & visually create for years. Ever since I created a rough unused thumbnail design, this was the design which stuck in the back of my mind.
... And while its the back of the Negligee instead of the Front, I tried to approach the image with more of a 'Graphical Design' influence, so I could add more interesting visual elements from the little dots in the hair & all the little accessory touches... Rather than creating an image solely for the purpose of Kinkiness.  

Pink & Fluffiness
KaT  =(^_^)=


Ian said...

Its a wonderful drawing and i think every sissy would love to wear the design.

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Ian... If I wasn't so afraid of the character looking too visually cluttered, then the Negligee would have had several lines & layers of ruffles, which I imagine Every Sissy would definitely want to wear. :):):)

Anonymous said...

I K@t, i really like this artwork, i wanna ask you something: how the Trophy Bois can eat? How can they poop/piss?

KatsCandy said...

Thank You Anonymous, I'm happy you like it... :)

The Trophy Boi's Eat & ex-spell their bodily waste in the following ways:

* Eat - Once or twice a day when not in use a Sissy Servant goes around to all the Trophy Boi's and inserts a BallGag (with Tube) which provides them a liquid diet.

* Poop - They are mounted on Hollow Pole Display Stand's. ;) I honestly don't know if someone can genuinely poop if the sphincter muscles aren't engaged & pushing the 'flow'. But After each use and once Re-mounted the pole-stand has a flow of water squirted up into them to make sure they are clean for the next client and to wash out any 'solid waste'.

* Wee-wee - Once or Twice a day a Servant Sissy Brings a Bucket Around for the Trophy Boi's to Ex-spell into once they are mounted.

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

Anonymous said...

Honestly where can i find outfits like these


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