The 3rd of My Patreon Submissions and the First of the 2 WEDDING NIGHT Themed Pin-Up Images.  
This first image allowed me to illustrate an outfit I have been wanting to draw & visually create for years. Ever since I created this as part of a handful of different clothing choices when trying to come up with a suitable outfit design for the 'Prissy Sissy' Character. 
... And while its the back of the Negligee instead of the Front, I tried to approach the image with more of a 'Graphical Design' influence, so I could add more interesting visual elements from the little dots in the hair & all the little accessory touches... Rather than creating an image solely for the purpose of Kinkiness.  

I'm currently working on the Second Page of the Strapford Pound, which will carry with it, the First of the Story Choices for my Patrons to choose from...

Pink & Fluffiness

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Ian said...

Its a wonderful drawing and i think every sissy would love to wear the design.

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Ian... If I wasn't so afraid of the character looking too visually cluttered, then the Negligee would have had several lines & layers of ruffles, which I imagine Every Sissy would definitely want to wear. :):):)

Anonymous said...

I K@t, i really like this artwork, i wanna ask you something: how the Trophy Bois can eat? How can they poop/piss?

KatsCandy said...

Thank You Anonymous, I'm happy you like it... :)

The Trophy Boi's Eat & ex-spell their bodily waste in the following ways:

* Eat - Once or twice a day when not in use a Sissy Servant goes around to all the Trophy Boi's and inserts a BallGag (with Tube) which provides them a liquid diet.

* Poop - They are mounted on Hollow Pole Display Stand's. ;) I honestly don't know if someone can genuinely poop if the sphincter muscles aren't engaged & pushing the 'flow'. But After each use and once Re-mounted the pole-stand has a flow of water squirted up into them to make sure they are clean for the next client and to wash out any 'solid waste'.

* Wee-wee - Once or Twice a day a Servant Sissy Brings a Bucket Around for the Trophy Boi's to Ex-spell into once they are mounted.

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

Anonymous said...

Honestly where can i find outfits like these


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