Hi, I'm KaT (also known as Kaokatt & KatsCandy ) and I'm a Freelance Illustrator.

I Grew up Loving Art or more specifically 'Drawing'. My Grandfather taught me from a very early age to draw still-life's & landscapes. Sadly when he passed away several years ago, I never felt like I had justified his faith in my art.

Through-out School, College & University I studied 3 Main Subjects:
(*) Business,
(*) General & Sequential Illustration,
(*) Lastly, Computer Games Design (and 'Yes' there was a Genuine Class at University where We the Students were MADE to Play Games). ^^

Upon Leaving University, I spent several months working for a Computer Games Company in the Quality Assurance Department (Games Testing).
The hours were grueling and insane (120+ Hours a Week, even Working 61 Hours Straight in the office on one occasion) But I LOVED Every Second of it...
I quickly realised though, if I ever wanted to be able to have a life outside of an office, then working as a professional in the realm of Computer Games was not the best choice. 

I made the decision to embark on the journey back to the one subject I have always loved, 'ART'. Initially 'Girly Illustrations and Fashion Designs' and From there I Unexpectedly Journeyed into *SISSY ART*.

Now 10+ years later and I've decided to Embrace the niche in a different way. Instead using my Love' of Everything Pink, Bubbly and Superbulously-Candy-Flossiliciously-Divaliciously GIRLY to  FOCUS on the CREATION OF:


FLUFFi FASHiONS are Prissy and Over the Top Designs aimed towards Mature Audiences who Enjoy a Pinch of Spankings & Fetish as well as Frills & Ruffles with their Clothing.

Outside of Art, Some of My Interest's & Favourite Things Include:

FAVOURITE  FILMS: A Few Good Men / Kissing Jessica Stein/ The New Star Trek Movies/ Serenity/  and The Marvel Movies.

FAVOURITE TV-SHOWS: Community/ Leverage/ The Newsroom/ Cougar Town/  Hart of Dixie/ The Magicians/ Grey's Anatomy.

FAVOURITE GAMES:  These days I very much enjoy the Soulsborne games, not for their difficulty, but because of the wonderous Worlds Fromsoft is able to create. :)

It's been a long while since I really sat down and took the time to read.

FAVOURITE COMICS: Sunstone/ Empowered/  Danger Girl/ Roxy.

CURRENT FAVOURITE ARTISTS: Sakimichan / Feng Zhu / Stjepan Sejic / Robert Best / & Hayden Williams.

Pink & Fluffi Wishes to All of You... 

and... Welcome to KAT's CANDY! :D:D:D


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