Friday, 1 February 2019


Who Ever Said, Clean-Up Duty Wasn't Fun!?!


The First Image Created for the 'MAiD THEME'!

UPDATE: (1st Feb 2019) Here is the Finished Coloured Version, I did wonder if there was even any point posting this image as its so heavily censored that parts of the characters face & body look like their melting. :-s I even had to completely recolour the characters forehead. ^^

The Larger, Uncensored & Captioned Version can be Found over on My Patreon.


Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples, A Somewhat Belated Happy 2019... I hope Everyone had an incredible and Amazingly Fun Winter Holiday Period. :D

Sorry I haven't really been present here on my Social Pages for a while... Completing The Strapford Pound drained a LOT out of me, as I was working insane hours to make sure I finished it in time for the December Release Date.

Since finishing the Strapford Pound Comic I've been slowly regaining my senses and my feelings of enthusiasm for drawing. It's taken me a few weeks to return to my Patreon work and some-what of a semi-normal working schedule.


Thank you to Everyone who've purchased a Copy of The Strapford Pound over on Lustomic... *Pink & Fluffi HuGGz*

Please Remember the Full Strapford Pound Comic will No Longer Be available to purchase, After the 21st February 2019.

To those who are happy to wait, the next 'FREE' part will be posted HERE on the 22nd of February 2019.

Pages 1-15 & a half (of the Full 35 Page Comic), of Strapford Pound are currently available for reading Here on KatsCandy & the Rest will ALL be posted for FREE over the course of 2019 & likely extending in to 2020, as well.


To the People asking 'What's Next', Now the Strapford Pound no longer has a place on my Patreon???

The Answer is;  *** PRiNCESSViLLE ***

... But more on the Details of PrincessVille In the Coming Weeks. ;D

Pink & Fluffiness...
K@T ^^

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Thursday, 20 December 2018


Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples, HAPPY HOLiDAYS!!!
Sorry I've been away from my social media pages for a while. After having to Remove the Strapford Pound from my Patreon, I've been Working solidly for the past 2-3 months solely focused on finishing the Strapford Pound Comic, I'm super happy and Extremely relieved to say it's Finished!

Before I say this next part, please know, On the 22nd of February 2019 I will Resume Posting the Strapford Pages for FREE, Here on & my Social Media pages throughout 2019 & probably going into 2020! (Well on the social media pages that still allow adult-ish content). ^^

On Friday the 21st of December 2018 (Tomorrow), Lustomic will be posting the FULL & FINISHED Strapford Pound Comic from Beginning to End, for Purchase.

It will only be available to purchase for 2 Months
... After that, posting of the pages a few frames at a time will be resumed. 

- The WHOLE Strapford Pound Comic has had ALL the Pages Reformatted for Lustomic,  for easier reading and now has a total of 35 Pages (232 Frames).

@  Pages 1-16 ...... Have been Seen by the FREE Viewing Public.
@  Pages 1-21 ...... Have been Seen by Patrons.
@  Pages 22-35 .... Are New!


*) Release Date: Friday, the Friday 21st December 2018

*) Duration of Temporary Purchasable Release: 2 Months:
FROM *21st December 2018* - *21st February 2019*

*) Price: I believe it will be $8.99 - (for the FULL Strapford Pound Comic Story)

It's never been my intention to place the Strapford Pound behind a pay-wall, which is why this it is only available for purchase temporarily. Because otherwise I could not have afforded to spend the last 2-3 months working 10-20 hours a day solely on the Strapford Pound without any income. Had I not done it this way, then the Strapford Pound as a comic would not have been completed.

This comic posed some challenges which took me a little too far out of my comfort zone in regards to situational story-telling, but it's been an enjoyable learning experience.
Finishing the comic in such a manner has meant I wasn't able to spend another few months exploring & expanding on certain elements I would have liked to, had I been able to continue working on the comic pages as I had been. But I've tried to be consistent with the Artwork and Story and I really hope those that those of you who do read it, find something you like. :)

I hope that whether you're someone who reads the Strapford Pound Comic This Week, OR Several Years from Now, that you'll find parts of the Story and/ or Artwork you can enjoy.

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

Friday, 9 November 2018

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 8 (PART 4 of 4) - Two for One!

Pets Really Shouldn't Have Ego's, it will Just get them in to Trouble!

Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
Work on the Remaining Pages of the Strapford Pound is Progressing well... Although throughout my time working on these Pages, my mind continues to wander, thinking about what idea's I would like to try and experiement with after the Strapford Pound has been completed. :)

K@T ^^

P.S. ALL the (FREE) Publicly Posted Pages can be found ***HERE***

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Friday, 2 November 2018

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 8 (PART 3 of 4) - Two for One!

3 Special Qualities are required to be Taken!
Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
The First 'Full Framed Image' (Shown Above) has been a favourite of mine for years as this was the image where the/ a way to layer the 'Solid Blacks' (when Inking) Suddenly 'Clicked' into place for me and even though there are one or two weaker parts of inking featured in the image, Overall I've just always been really happy with the B&W Version of this image, even after all this time. :)

Work on the Final Strapford Pound Pages Continues... I'm presently refining the Script and Page Layouts for Pages 15, 16 & 17.

K@T ^^

P.S. ALL the (FREE) Publicly Posted Pages can be found ***HERE***

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