Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples... I hope Everyone has been having a Wonderful start to 2022. :) 

This is a Re-Worked version of a very early Fluffi Fashion look. A less traditional Prissy dress for the Pink-Carpet, inspired by a flower, the 'Tulip'. 

With the top & bottom of the dress being so large and gently flouncing & bouncing up and down with every hole & sleeve would be stuffed full of the softest interior and filled out with endless ruffles and petticoats... There's no chance a submissive could blend into the background with this dress. 

If anything they would probably end up making a scene by continuously knocking things over... And then I guess the party hosts would have to punish the sub... tut, tut, tut... Naughty submissive... You really cannot take a submissive anywhere, can you!?! ;-P


Star! PATREON:: The LARGER & UNCENSORED Version of this Fluffi *PRiSSY* Fashionista & Other Fluffi-Fashions can be found on my PATREON!

Stay Pink, Fluffi & Safe...

KaT  =(^_^)=



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