Saturday, 12 March 2016


Sissy Shopping Day  
by Anastasia / Kinktank

Sissy wiggled through the mall, a wide vacant smile on his face. His empty blue eyes failed to register the smiles and stares of the people around him. Too many delicious distractions!

The heft of the heavy false breasts glued to his chest, the silky rustle of his frilled attire, the strictly laced corset clenching his waist. His mind - such as it was - was lost in an erotic haze of sensation.

It was so hard to think these days. He was easily distracted by thoughts of lipstick or stockings or shoes. He would spend hours cooing over his growing collection, rubbing a satin skirt against his cheek or caressing the lace edge of a skimpy negligee.

Time long ago ceased to have any meaning for him. He no longer knew Monday from Friday. They were simply Pegging Day or Spanking Day or Party Day or Shopping Day.

Once a week, Mistress would dress him up in the most scandalous outfit possible and send him to the Pink Mall. He never had to pay - he could simply pluck whatever he wanted from the shelves and Mistress was charged for it.

It was just as well that he didn't have to pay. Numbers confused him these days and he couldn't grasp how bits of paper could be exchanged for goods.

“Count to three,” Mistress once teased him, her eyes sparkling.

“One - Two - Uh,” he mumbled, trying to clutch at the next elusive number. But it danced just out of reach.

“What comes after three?” she asked him. It was too much for Sissy - his face crumpled in confusion and he started to whimper. Then Mistress pressed him against her magnificent breasts and he forgot all about the terrible mystery of Arithmetic.

Today he looked like a strange but alluring combination of little girl and slut. Succulent rubber tits were fastened onto his hairless chest. They sported erect, ridged nipples. Occasional passerby's would tweak or even suckle the hard pink nubs. Although it gave him no pleasure, Sissy was sure to moan whenever they did. His training had been thorough.

A thumb-shaped dummy dangled between his large tits. Whenever he felt unhappy or stressed, Sissy would push it between his blowjob lips and suckle gently. The act of hollowing his cheeks and sucking always calmed him. Mistress had taught him to associate the action with safety. Utterly passive, Sissy couldn't assert himself in stressful situations - all he could do was take refuge in the wonderful soothing motion of sucking.

His figure was almost a caricature of femininity thanks to the cruel pink corset. It gripped him so tightly that he could barely breathe and his voice - on the rare occasions that he spoke - came out as a breathless gasp.

He didn't wear panties. Instead a Hello Kitty nappy bulged in the gap between the corset and the tops of his frilly stockings. Every outing started with him being forced to consume a litre's worth of warm milk.

Sometimes he baulked at the volume but once the rubber nipple was slipped between his lips, he was helpless. The instinctive suckling began and didn't stop until he’d drained the entire bottle.

As a result, he felt slooshingly full on his shopping trip. When his bladder started to ache, he considered finding a toilet but was quickly distracted by the sight of pink barbie shoes. In theory, Sissy still had bladder control but in reality, he couldn't focus long enough to go to the bathroom on his own. The diaper was a necessity.

Sissy minced down the avenue of boutiques, barely aware that this wasn't an ordinary mall, that the people around him could be divided into Mistresses, Masters and sissy-slaves like him. His thoughts were full of the barbie shoes. Cradling them to his chest, he started to absentmindedly tweak one of his nipples. Although he couldn't feel it, he knew that people liked to watch him put on a show.

Sitting down on his squishy diaper, he cuddled the shoes to his chest like a teddy. Mistress would be coming soon to collect him. He hoped she wouldn't be long. He couldn't wait to show her his new shoes.

=== END ===

It was my Birthday a Couple of Weeks ago and there were So many Wonderful & Lovely Birthday Wishes fro you all, so My Sincerest Thank You's to all of you who emailed & messaged me such lovely Birthday tidings.

Two Very lovely people also gave me the very wonderfully & generous gifts of their time, talent & hard work. :):):)

The First Gift was a Lovely Drawn My Little Pony in Bondage, Secondly was the Beautifully Written story (Above) by Anastasia Whip (Kinktank on Deviant Art) & Fictionmania, who wrote what is truly a Wonderful short-story capturing the Diapered & Ditzi mindset of the Sissy I drew for the 'Sissy Shopping Image'.

A Very Special & My Sincerest Thank You's to Anastasia & Obsidian-Haunt for such beautifully-lovely & thoughtful gifts. :D

Pink & Fluffiness to All...
K@T ^^

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