Friday, 8 May 2015


The Day is Here & I am SO VERY HAPPY to say that
Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man
has officially gone LIVE, ON SALE & CAN BE PURCHASED


Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, is the first of my first comics to be totally planned, drawn & coloured entirely digitally...

The Biggest Day of a Sissys Life, Nothing Compares to the Nervous Last Minute Butterflies, The  Big & Beautiful Bridal Make-Over, The Bachelorette Night, Realising You've found the Person your Destined to spend the Rest of Your Life With, (WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT)! Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, CHECK IT OUT on LUSTOMIC NOW!

...& OMG, I have like 2 reader reviews!  Ok so posting these comments is so totally pretentious, but I've always wanted to post quotes in like a Magazine or Film Case style:

"For those curious, it is LIVE... and it is GREAT!" (From the Adorable Ditsi DollyDiklipz)

"AMAZING! I love it, my favorite being the wedding dress and the wedding ceremony. Great story great artwork. Thank you" (From Deviant-Artist SissyDee)

I'm really hoping that anybody and everybody who reads it, will actually enjoy it. :D:D:D:D  Its not often I actually write a comic that I personally find to be arousing (believe it or not), but I actually enjoyed writing & reading this comic.

The comic is a shorter story than my usual comics, but this is a story scenario that has been jumping around in my head for years. So its nice to have been able to formulate it, in to an actual comic. :D

I would love to hear what Everybody else thinks, regardless of if you liked it or didn't, as I am always looking to learn & improve, so hopefully my future comic's can become more enjoyable for You All. :)

I do so sincerely hope that ALL of YOU who read Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, do in fact enjoy it.  :D

Pink & Fluffiness and Have Fun Reading... ;)

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


This Image was Originally a commissioned and created in 2009. There were one or two elements within the image, which at the time I didn't realise were an issue, nor did I have the artistic ability to correct them if I had.
But now 6 years on I have, or at least I think I have, and I would like to think that I have managed to improve upon the original image. and I am happy to say that the Original Commissioner is also happy with this Re-Edited version of the Image, which is always a HUGE POSITIVE, So Thank You Dustin. :D:D:D:D:D:D

There is also a slightly ALTERNATIVE VERSION to this image, where the Jedi has a slight Facial Veil which can be seen *HERE* on My DeviantArt Page.

I didn't actually realise until I finished touching up the image, that it was International Star-Wars day yesterday, so that was pretty good timing, Although I think 'May the 5th'/ 'May the Sith' sounds better. :):):)

Pink & Fluffiness... '& May the Force'... Ooops... I mean 'May the 'Sith', be with you'... ;-p

The Original Clothing Concept Idea's from 2009, for the 'May the Sith' Star Wars themed image.

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