Hi, I'm K@T (also known as Kaokatt ) and I'm a Freelance Illustrator.

I Grew up Loving Art or more specifically 'Drawing'. My Grandfather taught me from a very early age to draw still-life's & landscapes. Sadly when he passed away several years ago, I never felt like I had justified his faith in my art.

Through-out School, College & University I studied 3 Main Subjects:
(*) Business,
(*) General & Sequential Illustration,
(*) Lastly, Computer Games Design (and 'Yes' there was a Genuine Class at University where We the Students were MADE to Play Games). ^^

Upon Leaving University, I spent several months working for a Computer Games Company in the Quality Assurance Department (Games Testing).
The hours were grueling and insane (120+ Hours a Week, even Working 61 Hours Straight in the office on one occasion) But I LOVED Every Second of it...
I quickly realised though, if I ever wanted to be able to have a life outside of an office, then working as a professional in the realm of Computer Games was not the best choice.

I made the decision to embark on the journey back to the one subject I have always loved, 'ART'. Initially 'Girly Illustrations and Fashion Designs' and From there I Unexpectedly Journeyed into *SISSY ART*.

Now 10+ years later and I've decided to Embrace that niche even more so than ever before. Along with my other 'LOVE' of Everything Pink, Bubbly and Superbulously-Candy-Flossiliciously-Divaliciously GIRLY!!!



Outside of Art, Some of My Interest's & Favourite Things Include:

FAVOURITE  FILMS: A Few Good Men / Kissing Jessica Stein/ The New Star Trek Movies/  Harry Potter Series/ Serenity/  and The Marvel Movies.

FAVOURITE TV-SHOWS: Community/ Leverage/ The Newsroom/ Cougar Town/ Las Vegas/ Hart of Dixie/ The Magicians (OMG Soooo Good!!!) / Super Hero Shows & Especially SUPERGIRL!

FAVOURITE GAMES:  Too Many to List, But my present Top 6 are: The Dark Souls Games/  Dead Space Games/ Batman Arkham Games/ Tomb Raider Revamped Series/ The Final Fantasy Series/ and finally The Mario Kart Games.

Up til now I have been content mainly playing on My PC and PS3 since I have a backlog of over 100+ games, but I recently finished the first Dark Souls and I'm now craving my Dark Souls fix and Dark Souls 3 is a little bit too Powerful for my PC, so I've started putting some money aside and saving for a PS4.

FAVOURITE BOOKS: I have Recently been quite taken with Reading/ Listening to  Self-Help & Business Books. :)

Although when I have more time to read, I Enjoy Autobiographies of Adult Entertainers/ Professional Models/ and Wrestlers (Even though I am Not a wrestling fan)... Solely because I envy All of them in their 'Freedom of Decision Making' and I love reading how they turn up to work and their Bodies are the Products and so they can just think and act on the moment rather than dwelling on decisions and then maybe choosing a path to take... ^^
I've tried reading 'Actors/ Actresses' autobiographies (because you would think they would totally be the pinnacles of acting with their bodies and free thinking), but for some reason their books just aren't enjoyable to me. I feel like maybe unlike the other profession's I mention, Actors/ Actresses do tend to have to do lots of thinking and planning.

FAVOURITE COMICS: Sunstone/ Empowered/ Brian & Bobbi/ NYX: Wannabe/ Danger Girl/ Roxy & The Dirty Pair.

CURRENT FAVOURITE ARTISTS: Sakimichan  / Feng Zhu/ Stjepan Sejic/ Robert Best

General Interests:

MAKE-UP:  Growing Up I really wanted to be a Makeup Artist, although I became side-tracked choosing subjects like Business Studies & General Art during School because I thought they carried with them a broader more-employable appeal.
It may be a little late for me to become a Professional MakeUp Artist now, but that doesn't change how much I still love make-up. :)

NAILS: I have a Basic Nail Qualification in Acrylic and Gel Nail-Work, to be honest,  I love having my nails done and I enjoy working on other-peoples nails, But I hate doing my own nails for some reason... ^^

EXERCISE: I Really Love Exercise, For a long time it was my main passion in life, Although now-a-days I don't usually have anywhere near as much free-time as I would like and I really miss my student days when I could spent 1-4 hours a day just Swimming. :)

I will shortly be Restarting the 'Insanity' Work-Out Program again, I find it so much Fun. :)

Pink & Fluffi Wishes to All of You... 

and... Welcome to KAT's CANDY! :D:D:D