Thursday, 30 September 2021



Originally Posted November of 2020 on my Patreon... *A WiNTER SiSSY DONUT!* :-p  

With the first signs of Autumn and Winter starting to appear it seemed like perfect time to post this Fluffi (Sissy) Fashion. The interior of this coat would be filled with Warm Fluff pressed against the skin, both keeping the sissy warm and also feeling like the sissy can barely bend its arms and causing the sissy's upper half to have to move around looking like an Human Sissy Doll ready to be taken out of its Toy Box! ;D

Star! The LARGER Version of this Fluffi *SiSSY* Fashion & Other Fluffi-Fashions can be found on my PATREON!

With Lots of Pink & Fluffiness

KaT ^_^

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