The (Uncensored) 'DUMB Sissy MAiD!' :-p  The looser styled Fluffi Fashion Prissy Illustrations, 'Maid' Inspired' and posted early April of this year.

Star! The LARGER & LESS CENSORED Version of this Fluffi *PRiSSY* Fashion & Other Fluffi-Fashions can be found on my PATREON!

With Lots of Pink & Fluffiness

KaT ^_^


Anonymous said...

Please consider going back to your older styles/approaches to art. This... I'm sorry to say, is below the standards you once shared with us. You have a true gift and talents. But you've turned your back on them to go down this path.

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous
Thank you for your comment and I completely understand where you are coming from, but please know the decision to go in this different direction was not a quick or easy choice. I'd spent the better part of a year going back and forth on the decision and ultimately it came down to several factors.

With two of the main factors being, my own happiness & personal enjoyment in regards to creating these Fluffi Fashion pieces. For my whole freelance illustrative life its been my own personal dream to be able to create these types of works...
And the Second factor being I could no longer afford to spend the amount of time creating the types of illustrations and comic pages I was creating.

So I've had to pivot and to be quite honest I've been absolutely loving creating these new images, I realise they aren't all overly sexual, but because I'm able to create them quite quickly (for the most part), if one doesn't work I can move straight on to the next and the next and the next...

These illustrations I've done and am doing are still early days, as I'm still trying to find a consistent style I'm happy with and also still learning about clothing and how best I can use that knowledge to design some over the top as well as sexual outfits for the Prissy Sissies & Bimbo's of the World. ;)

I know they not quite 'there' yet, but I love creating these designs and as I become more comfortable I will begin to be able to better convey the Prissy & Bimbo Clothing Designs I have in my mind. :)

Thank you again for your comment...
With Lots of Pink & Fluffiness...
KaT ^_^


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