Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Brisk Weekend Walk - K@T & GirlyGirlArt Collaboration

Lines By GirlyGirlArt ( June Daley ) -  Colours By Me, Kaokatt ( K@t ) ^^

After having somewhat of an Art-Block, I decided that the best way to try & regain some sense of my working mindset was to try working on an image that wasn't my own... And The Wonderfully Talented Girlygirlart (June Daley) on DeviantArt just happened to be posting some very Lovely & Elegantly Feminine Line-Arts for people to colour. :D:D:D

If you like Feminine & Super Girly Characters then you will love Junes Lovely Style of Images & Outfits. (JUNES GALLERY)

Pink & Fluffiness