One of my aims with the Fluffi Fashions has been to try and take Objects, Items, Animals etc and see what type of Prissy or Bimbo outfit they inspire me to design... Some are more literal than others and even though it's been a several months now, I'm still trying to find the right balance between Vanilla-Fashions and Adult-Fashions as well as how best to create a 'character/ figure' to compliment the look created.

This is one of the older Fluffi Fashion Bimbo Illustrations 'BEE Inspired' which was posted late last year, prior to owning my treasured iPad, meaning this one was drawn in Pencil and Coloured in Photoshop.

Star! The LARGER Version of this Fluffi *BiMBO* Fashion & Other Fluffi-Fashions can be found on my PATREON!

With Lots of Pink & Fluffiness

KaT ^_^



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