Dear Pink & Fluffi Patrons, Officer Jiggles is Here to Help Keep Everyone Happy, Healthy, Safe & Thoroughly Pleasured! ;D

Officer Jiggles is very much how I imagine the Sissy-Security-Guards patrolling PrincessVille to be... Of course there are 'Real Security Guards' as well, but the Sissy Security helps keeps the citizens of PrincessVille Happy & Safe with their unorthodox but Pleasurable, *Serve & Pervert* Techniques! ;D

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Anonymous said...

Amazing picture! Officer Jiggles is sexy and cute as hell, and she looks both super into being a slutty sissy and bewildered in a "OMG I can't believe I landed this dream job" way.

Just had this idea while seeing this pic: would love to see a story where Jiggles shows that she might be a might be a fluffy pink sissy but that she's not helpless by saving a Mistress from a genuine threat (ex: a hired gun sent by a Mistress's outside-of-PRiNCESSViLLE business rival) and being rewarded by being made into the personal cop pet of the Mistress he saved or of PRiNCESSViLLE's Headmistress of Security (or shared between them), getting more bodymods in the process including big breast implants fitting her name.

Anonymous said...

And writing the above comment, I had another story idea: a cop gets near-mortally wounded saving people. When he's finally out of the hospital his wife tells him she can't bear the thought of him risking getting hurt like that ever again. Since he loves her more than anything and can't accept causing her distress, he quits. Which unfortunately causes the wife to feel guilty because he destroyed his promising career for her and she loved it both the the relief her husband's safe and for how great she felt when he choose her over his dream job.

Especially because even if she loves him just as much and would also sacrifice her lawyer career for him in an heartbeat, he always made clear he supported her 100% and did everything he could to make her home life comfy and happy when work piled up stresses and woes on her.

Feeling his wife's still unhappy, the now ex-cop asks her what's wrong and she tells him. Having no idea what to do, he browses the internet trying various keywords until he finds an add for PrincessVille, and after looking into it he finds it a) perfect for his wife b) pretty damn hot, two things his wife agrees on once he talks with her about it.

As the husband's always been a subby goody-two-shoes completely in love with his wife -now Mistress-, he takes to becoming her sissy like a fish to water, while the wife is happier than ever due to finally being able to express the extreme dom tendencies she never knew she had. As thanks for her husband's wonderful gifts of making her discover this lifestyle and of giving himself to her in his entirety, the wife-turned-Mistress resolves herself to be the best Mistress for him -or rather for her, as the couple soon discover a shared love for feminization- and to make her sissy completely addicted to her in every way. Sissy likes dogs? She has sissy trained and modded to become her perfect prissy poodle on command (without the mutilations that'd make sissy unable to function as an human). Sissy likes uniforms? She becomes a latex-clad military-style dominatrix. Sissy likes donuts? She makes so sissy won't ever be able to resist her fleshy donut. Sissy likes big boobs? She books an appointment at the plastic surgery lab and she gets breast implants for both of them. All the while constantly training sissy to be addicted to her sweat and other body fluids.

Story ends with both of them saying how much they love each other before the Mistress makes her sissy cums on command in front of other appreciative Mistresses.

Anonymous said...

'Course I realize neither stories would actually fit PrincessVile (or your works in general), given its Dominants are pretty dedicated to making their sissies and bimbos either utterly miserable, too mentally mutilated to think/care, or both.

The inspiration just came to mind when I saw your great pic and I felt like sharing.

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous

Thank you for your comment/’s and I’m really happy you enjoyed Officer Jiggles. :D

As for the story idea, it’s a nice idea, although believe it or not I don’t like including elements of physicality in my stories, so things like Guns are No-no’s. ^^
The handful of times I have had to include some sort of physicality has been because of my own inadequacies as a writer because I wasn’t able to come up with an alternative scenario to reach a certain story point (such as the point in the Strapford Pound where the Security Guard holds Whitney).

“Course I realize neither stories would actually fit PrincessVille (or your works in general), given its Dominants are pretty dedicated to making their sissies and bimbos either utterly miserable, too mentally mutilated to think/care, or both.”

It genuinely saddens me to hear such feedback, I realise this probably wasn’t said with any type of malice, but knowing this is how people see my stories both in the past and what is expected from my stories in the present & future is quite upsetting...
Even though I never really say it in the comics, all the characters do ultimately end up happy, (at least they do in my head). ^^

Because it’s usually some time after the end of the ‘stories’ that the characters accept the psychological freedom they’ve been given, to be able to give into their desires and embracing their roles as submissive’s.

I feel I should perhaps clarify, PrincessVille is NOT a place like Amsterdamned!

PrincessVille is a Community where like-minded people who want to embrace their Dominant & submissive sides come to live and give in to such feelings.

All people in PrincessVille (Dominant’s, submissives and vanilla & non vanilla visitors) know that by entering PrincessVille they may be drawn into a situation outside of their control. However unlike Past comics & the Strapford Pound, anyone can leave PrincessVille at any time, so it’s the Superiors & Dominant’s jobs to make sure their perspective or current submissive’s never want to leave! ^^

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

Anonymous said...

I thank you for taking the time to respond to me, and thank you doubly for complimenting my idea. I sincerely apologize for upsetting and saddening you. It was never my intend and I did not say that with malice (after all, one's fetishes are one's fetishes, it's both ridiculous and an ass move to expect/demand an artist caters to your tastes rather than theirs), though I realize there might have been more bitterness/harshness into it that I wanted to convey, and I am truly sorry for it.

However I have to say I still don't get the assertions of "psychological freedom" or that "anyone can leave PrincessVille at any time", given that the first PrincessVille comic on this site quite literally has a man gets his mind modified beyond his control and under false pretenses (basically to the point of death of personality) so that the residents can modify his body without consent (expressively with the goal to humiliate him) and rape him while keeping him trapped in PrincessVille for a months-long period, and they are not shy about any of those facts. While the sissies, bimbos and other subs only seem to be happy with what's happening to them when they got their brains hacked into being happy about it (although I'd be happy to imagine it's not the case for Officer Jiggles and many others). Maybe it's just me who don't get it.

In any case I apologize again for saddening you and thank you again for your kind words and your work.

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous...

Firstly allow me to be the one to apologise... I’m sorry... Over the past few years I’ve become acutely aware of just how dark my past comics have been. Amsterdamned especially & (even though I’m only posting it recently) the Strapford Pound were stories concocted almost a decade ago.

Recently it has reached a point where they have become an actual lingering label of negativity over my artwork. I keep trying to create more upbeat scenario's but clearly they are not coming out as I would like them to. :(

And OMG You’re right, I’d completely forgotten about the scenario which happened on that first PrincessVille comic page. :-(

You now have me literally questioning what I’m even trying to do with PrincessVille...!?!?
I look at other artists and writers who are skilled enough to write these heartfelt & loving Ds scenario’s with interesting storylines and I would like to be able to write that type of content, but it really doesn’t seem like I can, as even when I’m trying to write ‘happy kink scenario’s’ they still have an element of ‘not happy’ to them. :-s

I really don't know if I can be a 'Happy Scenario Writer'. :-s

Sad Pink & Fluffiness

Anonymous said...

Well first I want to make clear I never consider your scenarios to be uninteresting, and I'm sure you can write happy stories. I certainly don't think that any of your works carry a "label of negativity" over your other works.

Now I don't want to seem presumptuous, but perhaps you would like some advice/opinions/a different POV on happy Ds storytelling? I can try to provide, if it'd be useful to you.

KatsCandy said...

Thank you for the offer anonymous, I’m always open to advice... Admittedly I’m not always the best at taking it. ^^ But I do try to be open to advice & opinions. :D

I’ve been thinking, as a similar conversation came up with someone else... But one thing that I perhaps need to highlight in a comic page of its own... IS that when anyone enters PrincessVille (whether they are a Vanilla Visitor, a Dominant or a submissive) they have to sign a disclaimer agreeing to and understanding that while in PrincessVille they may be exposed to or used in any one of a long list of situations which may befall them while within the boundaries of the PrincessVille Community.

It doesn’t necessarily make every situation ok, but everyone who enters PrincessVille knows what they are getting into and are there because they are willing to be put in those situations. And the PrincessVille Single Comic stories are essentially people within PrincessVille who’ve ultimately done something wrong... Whether it’s something as small as leaving the cap off of a toothpaste tube, or in the case of the Glitter & Go Character, Attempting to Stalk & Ruin his Ex’s Relationship.

So in that sense, with the Glitter & Go Comic in-particular, the ‘eventual Sissy’, knew what could happen and his personality was never gone or wiped out, he just wasn’t mentally strong enough to withstand the conditioning...
But in that particular case the treatment was quite harsh because he travelled to PrincessVille for the distinct purpose of essentially stalking his Ex, with the aim of breaking-up her relationship with Her new Beau, even (because they were in PrincessVille him even wanting to establish himself as Her Boyfriends & Her Dominant ).
So the resulting treatment was (in large part) punishment for his intentions being far less than sincere. As the established citizens of PrincessVille like to take care of each other, regardless of their status within the Community. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering, but I have to say it raises a lot of new questions. Would you mind answering them, please? I'd like to understand the setting better.

- If a stalker shows up and is "mentally strong" enough to resist the conditioning, does PrincessVille just let them in and allows them to do everything they want to their stalking victim(s) as long as it's on the list of situations said person or persons agreed to on the disclaimer they signed?

- Is anyone actually "mentally strong" enough to resist the conditioning? Or do they just keep the subject's mind in the brain cooker as long and as intensely as needed to make them crack?

- How do the "some people are conditioned to accept things" and "you can do whatever to people as long as it's on the list they signed, including punishing them" interact with "people can leave whenever they want"? As in, if a Dominant decides to punish their sub with something the sub very much isn't into and the sub goes "fuck no I'm not going to accept that for forgetting the cap of the toothpaste tube, I'm breaking up with you and I'm not coming back to PrincessVille until I find a Dominant who actually fits me", can the Dominant just have the sub grabbed and modified until they're not able to leave anymore ? Or like, if a visitor explicitly noted being here for one day only to catch up with an old friend, can someone go "nah put them in the chair they'll never want to leave once we're done with them".

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous...
Ok, so you have to hold back some disbelief, because as much as I think many people would like PrincessVille to exist, sadly it does not, as a result of which I cannot answer every potential loop hole which may or may not be on display. Because ultimately if this was a real place then there would be an endless amount of town meetings, committee’s and constant rule changes to make sure that everyone & everything is reviewed, respected and considered in one way or another.

I like to think of PrincessVille as a place where peoples inner desires can be brought out, or their insecurities or inadequacies either used against to them to enhance their submission or turned-in to something positive for the PrincessVille Residents.

Some people may be mentally strong enough to withstand certain forms of conditioning, but that is something which can only be dealt with, within a story by story basis.

If a stalker shows up and is mentally strong enough, then the Residents of PrincessVille would find another treatment for such a person, so that they can protect their own.
That said any person who is *invited* into PrincessVille for long term purposes is thoroughly vetted beforehand, even day/week/month pass temporary visitors have to be approved by a committee board.
As No one can just enter PrincessVille because they decide they want to go there, they have to be invited.

And in regards to the Glitter & Go character, you will notice that the very first frame the reference was made regarding ‘Headhunters’... And they were the ones who approached the character knowing that he would be a perfect fit as a ‘Glitter & Go Makeup Member’.

I feel I should leave the explanations there, because if I say too many things then they are essentially PrincessVille lore and I will write myself into so many un-enjoyable corners that it will make writing future stories & scenario’s within PrincessVille, just one big cohesion pit-trap.

Stay Pink, Fluffi & Safe

Anonymous said...

More than fair. It's fiction, after all, and you're the only one who can define and change the limits of said fiction.

In this case I will give you only one advice: you said ultimately the subs in the PrincessVille comics were being punished for doing "something wrong" in a way they agreed to and they enjoy it off-screen, but why not do one comic where the sub is being treated a way they're clearly into (on screen) before they're being subjected to it, maybe for doing "something right"?

It could be as simple as the Dominant going "happy birthday sissy, you've been a wonderful pet those last few months so I scheduled you for your permanent makeup and breast enlargement later today. I'm sure you're going to love what I picked up for you" and the sissy happily thanking their Dominant for it. Or something like a sub expressing pleasure from getting their ass toyed with and their Dominant says "you know what? Since you like your ass being played so much I'm going to make so you can't live without a buttplug" and the sub's ecstatic about it and wants to kiss the Dominant in gratitude. Or a sub having a big satisfied smile while wearing a dress exposing their reddened buttcheeks after from having been spanked to orgasm. Or any other scenario where the sub is shown being happy being a sub and having the extreme stuff done to them without needing mind modifications to accept it.

IMO it would dispel any and all notion the Dominants are jerks playing with their subs to make them unhappy or braindead.


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