Several Months ago I was approached by Jizelle, (some of you may know her art-profiles under the name 'Sissy Jizelle') to collaborate on an Image. With this being the third time I've undertaken a collaboration project, this time I wanted to be the one to do the Colouring once again. :)

Jizelle has a Wonderfully Bold Style of Artwork... Although I found it quite tricky attempting to blend my colouring style with Jizelle's Bold Line-Work. So I had to make one or two minor edits to the original line-work in an attempt to blend my colouring style with Jizelle's lovely style of Line-Art (The Before & After can be seen over on this DeviantArt Post) and I'm very happy with how this Collaboration image turned out and I hope you Pink & Fluffi People like it as well. :)

Jizelle's is a Passionate & Enthusiastic Sissy & Bimbo Artist, so Please, Please, Please Go and Check Out Her Lovely Artwork. :)

A Few of Jizelles Images:

Pink & Fluffiness and Please Stay Safe...
K@T ^^

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Bobbi Mare said...

Oh, so pretty! Such lovely feminine figures and totally sissy colors!

KatsCandy said...

I'm happy you like the image Bobbi... Credit for the lovely Feminine Figures caompletely goes to Jizelle. :) As for the Sissy Colours, I thank you for your kindness. :)


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