Friday, 6 December 2019

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 14 (PART 3 of 6) - Petinary Prettification!

Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
Priscilla's Petinary Pooperanian Prettifications are Complete!!!.:D

I hope you're all having a Joyful start to your Decembers and are looking forward to the upcoming Holiday Period. :D:D:D 

Pink & Fluffiness to ALL...
K@T ^^

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Anonymous said...

Am I correct to say that, the mouth is permanently open with those piercings?

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous... The Gag keeping Priscilla's Mouth currently open is an 'O' Ring Gag, which can be removed, but for the time being will remain attached in place for long-term training purposes.