Happy Pink & Fluffi Holidays to ALL!!! :D:D:D
I hope Everyone is Being Wonderfully Pink, Fluffi & Kind this Holiday Season. :D

This Holiday Season K@T-Klaus is Very Happy to be able to Post for you, the Magazine Cover Version of, DAZED & DiTZi DAiSY (Sissy Bride)!!! :D 

This image was a turning point in my working style... Since this image I've tended to primarily work with more Refined Line-Work (for the most part), although the trade-off has been that the images do take longer to create, but by working this way I've been able to add lots more (little & not-so-little) Refined Details to my images.

The Larger Uncensored (Pin-Up & Captioned) Versions of 'Dazed & Ditsi Daisy' can be found on my Patreon!

Over on my Patreon I'm currently working on the final stages of what has been a rather gruelling PrincessVille Comic Page, which should finally be finished very, very soon now.

Lastly, the Next part of the Strapford Pound will be posted on January 3rd 2020. :) 

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!!

Pink & Fluffiness...
K@T ^^

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