Mooooo-re Cummies Please Mistress!

Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples... Here is a Sissy Cow Pin-Up originally drawn over on my Patreon, and of all the sissies I've ever drawn, I think this one has the SMALLEST Sissy-Pee-Pee!

Some Sissies aren't lovers and are too dumb to be workers and so it makes much more sense for them to be put to use as Milk Providers for other sissies, taking advantage of all their milking holes & milk-draining holes!

For those thinking its weird that the sissy has 6 belly nipples... The Character actually does NOT, it's a seperate Belly-Tank!
The Belly-Tank is an part of a garter attachment and can be removed. The Belly-Tank allows the Sissy to carry with it 6 seperate Nipples for other sissies to suckle from, for drinking the cum of Real Men & Women who've filled the Belly Tank. ;p

And to those asking 'Why Pokemon Balls?!?'... I really don't know. ^^

The LARGER & UNCENSORED VERSION (As well as the Flat Stomached Version) of the CUCKOLD COW along with the Caption & Magazine Cover Versions, can be found over on my PATREON. :)

Pink & Fluffiness...
K@T ^^

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Keep up the good work!

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Anonymous, I'm happy you're enjoying the image. ^^


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