Friday, 16 August 2019

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 12 (PART 5 of 5) - Failing Expectations!

Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
With Page 12 now posted in full, we have reached just-over the two-thirds stage of the story, as Priscilla & Lola are now taken to the Petinary Clinic for 'Human-Petificationing'! ^^

I continue to be amazed by just how many people who have either read the comic in full OR have read this far into the comic story still refer to the comic as the 'STEPFORD' Pound, instead of 'STRAPFORD'... I even called the Dominant in the Story Dr Selena 'STRAPFORD' to help with any confusion over the name Stepford & STRAPFORD. :-P

Over on my Patreon, I'm currently Drawing the Rough & Refined Linework for the PrincessVille Bimbo Comic Page. :) Later on this month I will be posting the first of the PrincessVille Pages here on & my Social Media Pages. :)

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Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

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Anonymous said...

Too ashamed to speak, looks like their about to become pets.

KatsCandy said...

Ashamed & Learnt her lesson for disobeying Lady Selena by talking.

Unknown said...

Hello love the conic! Was curious when page 13 was gonna start pounding out? (Pun intended)

KatsCandy said...

Hi Unknown, The first part of Page 13 will Probably be posted in about 3-4 weeks time, as first I will be posting a Pin-Up Image.

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^