Friday, 9 August 2019

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 12 (PART 4 of 5) - Failing Expectations!

Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
It feels like forever since I was regularly updating my day to day social media page posts, I tend to become overwhelmed by work quite easily at times, especially when I'm caught up working on an image. I will try to return to posting more on my social media pages soon. :)

Over on my Patreon, I'm finishing up work on the script for my first PrincessVille Bimbo Comic Page, as well as working on the PrincessVille page frame-layouts. :)

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

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Anonymous said...

So Lola is getting turned on by watching her own sister do her husband. Oh dear, looks like they are pets after all.

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous... She is becoming turned on, But Only because Lady Strapford has just said the 'Good Girl' Trigger phrase, which is causing her to become overly aroused.

But yes, they are on their way to becoming Pet's, especially with the experience & influence of Lady Strapford's Dominance pushing their emotional and physical progression forward. ^^