Friday, 2 November 2018

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 8 (PART 3 of 4) - Two for One!

3 Special Qualities are required to be Taken!
Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
The First 'Full Framed Image' (Shown Above) has been a favourite of mine for years as this was the image where the/ a way to layer the 'Solid Blacks' (when Inking) Suddenly 'Clicked' into place for me and even though there are one or two weaker parts of inking featured in the image, Overall I've just always been really happy with the B&W Version of this image, even after all this time. :)

Work on the Final Strapford Pound Pages Continues... I'm presently refining the Script and Page Layouts for Pages 15, 16 & 17.

K@T ^^

P.S. ALL the (FREE) Publicly Posted Pages can be found ***HERE***

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Anonymous said...

Well guess both might be going through that treatment soon, at least they aren't in a box with their tongue sticking out.

Anonymous said...

After enjoying it so much so far I was nervous I wouldn't like where this was headed - especially since I was very sad about the way Amsterdamned ended, which was too dark for me - but I have to admit, I got very red reading that second page and can't wait for more!

KatsCandy said...

Anonymous 1 - Only time will tell. ;) K@T ^^

Anonymous 2 - I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying the story so far. Although I'm sorry to hear you were sad with the Amsterdamned Nites ending... I think you might be a bit more content with this ending. K@T ^^