BiMBO JET:: Bouncing Across the Skies, One Pink & Fluffy Cloud at a Time!

The Second Image Created for the 'AiR HOSTESS THEME'.
Bimbo Jet only Hires the Best & Brightest BiMBO'S for your Flights!

Dear Pink & Fluffy Peoples, I hope you've all been very well and having a Fabulous Summer So far... :D:D:D
The Bimbo Jet Theme was a really fun concept to experiment with, as was trying to come up with a BiMBO JET *Air-Hostess-Training-Program* for the Character to experience, My Favourite element being the Pointing Class. ;D

Up Next I am beginning work on a *HUMAN-PET COW BiMBO COMIC PAGE SEQUENCE!*

The LARGER, UNCENSORED & FULL TEXT Version of this Comic Page can be found on My Patreon

Pink & Fluffiness

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Doctor Psycho said...

Wow, your version of demotion from airline pilot to f/l/i/g/h/t a/t/t/e/n/d/a/n/t stewardess is far more spectacular than what has been practiced at my blog, Exec2Sec.
I guess I'd better be taking notes.

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Doctor Psycho, I appreciate the Sentiment. :)
I feel like in large part due to the Wonderful Ability of Comic Pages to Over-exaggerate Character-Traits & use Rich Colours to enhance the Fun of a Scenario. :D

columbus said...

breathtakingly erotic!!!!!!!!

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Marco, I'm very happy you like it. :D

Anonymous said...

The sequence is a masterpiece. It is a one-page story but incredibly hot. It would be nice to have it developed into a 5 or 6 page comic. In any case, imho, the best panels are: 1) the top right one (no. 5) where the stern and unattractive female pilot is being mercilessly turned into a hot and dumb Bimbo Jet hostess; she got a nose job, she is getting huge tongue piercings and her lips (!!) and breasts are being inflated to titanic proportions; and it seems to me she is still terrified by her mechanical slutsformation; 2) the following picture (no. 6) where our heroine, while getting proper makeup, has finally embraced her new self and, now blonde and with mandatory deep tan, is ready for her new and epic flight role. You are great!

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Anonymous, :) I especially flattered you enjoyed the individual scenes as well. :D


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