Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples, Some of you may have seen the Teaser I posted on my Twitter Page of this Quiz back in February  when I posted it on my Patreon.  After having created the *WHO'S YOUR INNER BIMBO?!? QUIZ*, I thought a Sissy Version was also called for. ;D

I hope everybody is well, I don't feel like I have stopped working for at least the past month, even though its almost midnight on a Friday Night, after I've finished writing this & posting message & email replies to people, I then have to finish off My Yearly Tax forms which I started earlier on today.
I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt so exhausted and so exhilarated by my time spent creating my Current Art Works and Other Bits & Pieces. :D:D:D

Over on My Patreon I have also Posted The *WHATS YOUR BIMBO NAME, QUIZ!?!*.

Pink & Fluffiness


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Anonymous said...

Such a nice post as always, but i have a question
(About Tropht Boi, Amsterdamned Nites ec...)
"Why the police dont investigate to found the guys? And why their familiars dont do any research?"

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm happy you liked the post...

In regards to 'why the Police Don't investigate'...
They actually do investigate, but their searches all end up with Dead-Ends...
The Family also investigate, but again come up with dead-ends, well except for Taylor in Amsterdamned Nites. When he makes it clear that he'll never stop searching for his Brother, he is Taken to Amsterdamned as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

Was to small for my phone. But being it was delightful either way

KatsCandy said...

Hi Staci,
I'm Sorry to hear that it was too small on your phone Staci, To be honest, As I very rarely view online content from anything other than my Desktop PC, I tend to forget people view my site and my images on phones & tablets, Sorry... :-s

Is there a way (that you know of) how I can perhaps make these types of Images/ Documents more Phone Friendly in the future?

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^

sissie-marcie said...

I'm a Total Sissy Maid. I exist to serve and live to service. I aim to please and love to pleasure.

KatsCandy said...

That's a very Lovely Mindset to have Marcie-Sophia Renee. ^^

Ophelia said...

I'm absolutely mommy's little girl �� diaper and pacifier were ment for me hihi

KatsCandy said...

Congratulations 'Sissy Mommys Girl Ophelia', I'm happy the Sissy Science of the 'What Type of Sissy are You' Quiz, was able to confirm your Sissy Status. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Prissy Sissy and I'm happy about it


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