This Image was the Image Created for the Tier 4 & 5 CONTEST WINNER!

The Second Pin-Up Image of the 'WEDDING NIGHT THEME'.

A Poor Unsuspecting Man who only wanted to Marry the Love of his life, instead he is Turned into Her Own Personal Sissy-Bimbo-Bridal-Puppet-Doll (BRiDOLL), Both for Her Pleasure & the Pleasure of ALL the Wedding GROOMSMEN!

The Larger & Uncensored Versions can be found over on My Patreon, where I'm Currently Working on the Second Pin-Up Image of the 'RED-LIGHT THEME'. 

Work in Progress VS Finished Images:
Thank you to Everybody who voted. I think I've managed to come up with a Happy Medium, to settle this issue... :)
I've decided to post a Work In Progress Image... BUT, The Work-in-Progress image will only remain posted for a handful of Days before I Replace it with the Final Finished Image.

Pink & Fluffiness

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Sissy Pammy said...

Your art is amazing. This outfit is absolutely generous! Pammy dreams of wearing something like this masterpiece.

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Sissy Pammy for your very kind & complimentary words regarding my work. :) I'm sure one day on your Prissy-Sissy-Pammy Wedding Night You'll be wearing an equally Beautiful (if not more Beautiful) Wedding Attire & Wedding Night Lingerie. ;)


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