Thank You to Everyone who has been so patient these past few months...

Between the Overhaul of My Blog, Updating Images and Tidying My Social Media Pages, these last few months have been A LOT of work. Aside from one or two remaining tasks, the metaphorical heavy-lifting has all been done and I'm so happy to be able to say I can really focus on just creating Bimbo & Sissy Art. :D

The Image Above is the First of my Patreon Submissions. I really wanted to be Playful with the Colours and Accessories and the general idea of, If She has a 'Sugar Daddy', Then She must be the Sugar Daddy's Sweet Toothed Sugar-Candy, Milk-Shake-Treat with Cream! ;)
I've just started work on the Prissy Sissy 'MAID' image a Couple of Days ago and it will be coming Soon to My Patreon. :)

Pink & Fluffiness
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Sally Bend said...

OMG, that is fantastic! So much detail and so much candy colour. Fantastic!

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Sally, I'm really happy you like how the Colours and Details turned out.

She may not be a Stereotypical Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Bimbo, but that doesn't mean She can't be Bright, Bubbly & Full of Colours & Candy. *hugs* :D:D:D

Pink & Fluffiness

Ian said...

Hi K@t love the new blog layout and this fantastic art work.

KatsCandy said...

Thank you Ian, its been a bit of a long haul these past few months, but now the Real Work / Bimbo & Sissy Art starts. ;D


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