First & Foremost, just to Clarify, This image has NOTHING TO DO WITH, The Strapford Pound!

This image was created as a Special Thank You for HinaYui on DeviantArt for her very VERY sweet Gesture, Thank You Hina. :D Thank You Also to Frigger-Fulcon for your advice regarding my Tumblr Hashtags. :)

Pink Poodling & Fluffiness

p.s. This is the Big Lipped Version - There are also a Normal Sized Lipped version of this image, you'll have to look on my other pages to find your preferred version.

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Anonymous said...

I love it!


KatsCandy said...

Thank You Sakari, I am so happy that you Love it. :D:D:D

Pink & Fluffi Hugs

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

An about Strapford pound, it never will be available??

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous, The Strapford Pound will be available one day... BUT I would advise for the time being to just continue to put it out of your mind completely. As at this moment in time I cannot give a definite or even ball-park date or time for its release...

When there is news, I can assure you I will post about it, as I have invested too much time in 'The Strapford Pound' project for it to never be released.

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^

Grem said...

Love this one!

So, awesome and really stylish. :)

Btw, wanted to ask if there is a possibility of you maybe just touching realm of permanent modifications? Like one in Never cross a redneck in the end, where his wife had part of her limbs removed. I mean, it could be cool design wise to have pets be "real". ;)


KatsCandy said...

Thank you Grem for the kind words, I am happy you liked how this Cupcake turned out. :):):)

Regarding Permanent Modifications, its all dependent on the Credit Card Companies who process the payments for the comics, As they have set limits regarding what things can be written as well as illustrated...
Its almost kind of comical as there is quite a huge double standard because of the 'Adult' label on such comics...
By their own standards horror movies in comic form & even some mainstream super hero comics would not be sold through their companies in comic book format because of the very tight regulations they have in place.
Game of Thrones for example would be a definite no-no.

I think its also about trying to make such Modifications meaningful within the context of the story, which can be a challenge.

I hope that this reply has helped answer your query. ^^

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^


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