Friday, 8 May 2015


The Day is Here & I am SO VERY HAPPY to say that
Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man
has officially gone LIVE, ON SALE & CAN BE PURCHASED


Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, is the first of my first comics to be totally planned, drawn & coloured entirely digitally...

The Biggest Day of a Sissys Life, Nothing Compares to the Nervous Last Minute Butterflies, The  Big & Beautiful Bridal Make-Over, The Bachelorette Night, Realising You've found the Person your Destined to spend the Rest of Your Life With, (WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT)! Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, CHECK IT OUT on LUSTOMIC NOW!

...& OMG, I have like 2 reader reviews!  Ok so posting these comments is so totally pretentious, but I've always wanted to post quotes in like a Magazine or Film Case style:

"For those curious, it is LIVE... and it is GREAT!" (From the Adorable Ditsi DollyDiklipz)

"AMAZING! I love it, my favorite being the wedding dress and the wedding ceremony. Great story great artwork. Thank you" (From Deviant-Artist SissyDee)

I'm really hoping that anybody and everybody who reads it, will actually enjoy it. :D:D:D:D  Its not often I actually write a comic that I personally find to be arousing (believe it or not), but I actually enjoyed writing & reading this comic.

The comic is a shorter story than my usual comics, but this is a story scenario that has been jumping around in my head for years. So its nice to have been able to formulate it, in to an actual comic. :D

I would love to hear what Everybody else thinks, regardless of if you liked it or didn't, as I am always looking to learn & improve, so hopefully my future comic's can become more enjoyable for You All. :)

I do so sincerely hope that ALL of YOU who read Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, do in fact enjoy it.  :D

Pink & Fluffiness and Have Fun Reading... ;)

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Frigger Fulcon said...

I quite enjoyed this one. I really appreciate that the sissy keeps the same facial structure especially his prominent nose even after being feminized. A lot of artists will totally change the structure of a character's face the moment they so much as put on a dress. Keeping some of his more masculine features really helped make him look like a sissy or drag-queen and not just a regular woman. I also really like the plump fat lips you gave him but mainly just because that's a fetish of mine as you've probably been able to guess from other comments I've left on your work. : P

KatsCandy said...

I am happy that you liked it Frigger Fulcon. :)

I really did try to keep the characters facial structure as similar to the original face as I could while still making the character look reasonably feminine, given that the character didn't receive any surgery changes etc.

Although lets face it, Plump Full Lips really are a 'Must Have' for any true sissy bride. ;-p :D:D:D

Although the characters profile on the 2nd to last frame on the final page took quite a few attempts to do, as I didn't want the characters face to be too heavily male, nor-too pretty & feminine, so hopeful I managed to reach some kind of reasonable balance... :-s ^^ :-s

Thank you for your comment Frigger Fulcon & I truly am happy that you liked the comic, as knowing that people enjoy the comics helps make it far more fulfilling to create them. :):):)

Pink & Fluffiness

K@t ^^

YouLoveBeingGirly said...

I loved it :)
A little bit short, but i visit your blog almost daily and i know how much hard work you have done to greate it :P

KatsCandy said...

Thank you 'YouLoveBeingGirly', I am soooo happy you loved it... :D:D:D

Yeah, the shortness admittedly kind of was intended, mainly due to time constraints as I had wanted to create a shorter comic prior to undertaking Part 3 of Amsterdamned Nites, since that will be a little bit more time consuming as its about double the length of 'Always a Bride...'

Thank you so much as well for your regular perusal of my blog, I really appreciate the visits, I only wish I was able to work faster so that people such as yourself would have something new to see every time you visit my blog.

Thank you again for the kind words YouLoveBeingGirly, and Thank you for enjoying the comic. :D:D:D

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^