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Several Years to Finish But the Amsterdamned Nites Trilogy is Now Complete and In Amsterdamned Nites Parts 2 & Amsterdamned Nites 3 Especially. I REALLY TRIED to Use & Include as Many of YOUR Requests and Idea's as possible, even if they are only featured briefly within a single frame across the course of the Comics.

You All Helped to Provide So many Wonderful & Kinky idea's and settings, and in some cases I really wish I had, had the chance to properly Explore some of the Suggestions a lot more fully. As some were really quite wonderfully imaginative and could have a whole comic based around them.

Here are all the Suggestions I was able to include in one way or another. ;) Some of them I've included with more general terminology so there are No Spoilers: :)

*) Breaking a Characters Spirit
*) Adult Baby/ Diapers/ Pushchair/ Bottle/ Crib 
*) Sissy Farm/ Sissy Animals
*) Given Bigger Tits & Ass
*) Mental Mind Break & Hypno Commands
*) Tattoo's with Humiliating Words (and one frame with a sort of Tribal Tattoo)
*) Tongue Piercings, Facials Piercings and Dick Piercings
*) An Open Street of Amsterdamned
*) Club Interior
*) A Sissy Pimp
*) Have Characters Love what they become.
*) Brainwashing Headphones on a certain character.
*) Family Interaction.

I Really hope the series has lived up to any expectations the First Amsterdamned Nites Comic (all the way back in 2008) managed to set and I sincerely hope all of you who have read it, have enjoyed the series of Trixie's and Moolissa's Tale.


Pink & Fluffiness

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p l richards said...

K@t, your heartfelt plea sent me back to reread my copy of 'Amsterdamed Nites' - it's certainly not pink and fluffy! Without seeing part 2 it's difficult to advise on part 3 - don't even know if you've focussed on the same two characters,'Trixie' and Melissa?

My thoughts for what they're worth: !) Have you had any ponygirls in this yet? I love the concept of ponygirls particularly transexual ponygirls. Surely ponygirls are one of the main means of transport in Amsterdamned?
2) It's a minor fetish, but I love the idea of slaves having noserings. Maybe a nosering denotes a particular sort of slave?

Hope this helps! And like everyone else I'm eagerly looking forward to when Strapford Pound comes out!

Pink and fluffi love (if not in Amsterdamned)!

K@T said...

Thank you for your input p l richards :) parts 2 & 3 will remain focused on Trixie’s & Melissa’s transformations...

But I am still working on the layouts so the story of both parts is still up in the air & able to be replaced with other parts.

1) I had actually completely forgot about Pony-girls, when I wrote the first part it was my intention to have carts & pony-girls as the main mode of transportation and in Amsterdamned, but in laying out parts 2 & 3 I completely forgot about them so I may have to try & rectify that somehow.

2) I totally understand what you mean about the nose ring thingy, its one of my own little fetishes as there is something so demeaning about being leashed & led around by the nose… ^^

I know what you mean about the ‘not pink & fluffi’ thing, as really the story is quite dark, if anything my art style & the bright colours in the first comic perhaps deflect from that fact, but it definitely is horribly dark about the themes addressed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there is the element of disbelief surrounding the whole ‘kidnapping & changing men into sissy slave scenario’ then this really would be a much, much darker tale than I would feel comfortable doing… :-s

With such a dark style of story I usually try to justify the outcome of the characters with the fact that I don’t like using torture or pain within my stories and that in the end the characters perhaps accept themselves and their fate with a sense of reluctant (maybe mentally coerced) contentment.

Pink & Fluffi Wishes to you…

K@t ^^

ootamp said...

Wow! First of all, K@t, let me say how nice it is to see that you’re taking suggestions from some of your fans and letting us tell you what we would like to see in upcoming comics. In light of this post, I also went back over my copy of the first Amsterdamned Nights to see what I would perhaps like to see in a sequel.

The highlight of the first Amsterdamned Nights, in my opinion, is on page 12 where there is a scene taking place in what appears to be some sort of underground dungeon. It’s a lively scene with a lot of sissies tied up, humiliated, and put on display for the amusement of the guests. Some are being used, and others are being tortured. I would love to see a similar scene in an upcoming comic. We still haven’t really seen much of Amsterdamned, and I think a lively nightclub scene like this would work well. There could be a bunch of sissies chained up, humiliated, and put up on display, ready to be used for the pleasure of the guests. Others could be restrained and forced to serve drinks. There could even be a stage in the club where sissies put on shows for the amusement of the guests (Perhaps sissies could compete to see who can suck off the most men in a certain amount of time, or who can take the biggest butt plug).

As far as ideas that I would like to see explored, I think forced prostitution and sissies being forced to perform on camera would work well. There could be a sissy pimp who keeps some of his best property restrained and on the end of his leashes at all times. Aside from pimping them out, he could also humiliate them further by forcing them to perform on film and selling the videos.

Thanks again for reaching out and taking suggestions from the fans. I hope that you can use something from this. Either way, I’m sure the comic will be great. I can’t wait to check out Strapford Pound and whatever else you have planned after that! Cheers

K@T said...

Hi Ootamp

Thank you for your comment. :)

Part 2 will definitely be showing some of the Real Amsterdamned rather than the snippet of how Trixie imagined it to be, on page 12. :)

But to be honest with you, I kinda don’t want to say too much here about what might be ‘seen in Amsterdamned’ or the context of ‘Amsterdamned itself’ as it might end up giving some things away. ^^

But clearly with such a kinky mind, you’re clearly well suited for Amsterdamned. ;D

Pink & Fluffiness

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone want to see people in pain or getting hurt. Have them accept the change Misti liked it in the end sort of. Fiffi as well they just accepted it and they just started to like it, they became what they made into. Corruption is better because they take hold of it and they become it. Fiffi and Misti become a sex doll that is what they live for, to be used. Have them like it, no better have them love it, have them doing it to other people but never let them have the power have them do it for their master. well that is my pennies.

K@T said...

Hi Anonymous, I so totally totally agree with you… I personally really dislike and even hate reading & looking at D/s stories where there is physicality crossing the lines of physical abuse &/ or torture as means of coercion.

I have tried in the past to read a couple of issues of comics (because I liked the artists style) from 1 or 2 artists on BDSMart and another site that I cannot recall, and I just found the stories to be horrible :( in one of them the form of coercion for the captured character was by 2 Dominants killing & chopping up the characters friend in order to make the still alive character fall in line. :(

I try to stay as far away from such things as I can, as I personally believe that both in reality and in D/s stories, there is a much greater appeal both for the Dominant & submissive, when the sub itself wants to obey consensually, not because it has been forced to (well unless theres a little bit of fun blackmail), but because of either mental manipulation & cunning (which is always fun) mental dependency (again always fun ^^ ) and as you so elegantly put ‘mental corruption’, (which again is most also fun). ;););)

Pink & fluffiness

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

TOM MELISA parents come to visit your home, but no longer live there and find they are kidnapped, but at the same time they are kidnapped.

See enslaved parents through hypnosis and brainwashing

They do not recognize their children

Meanwhile Tom and Melissa try to resist not to become slaves and keep it together

Later Tom and Melisa see their parents turned into zombie-sissy, parents do not recognize, they not think, just obey,

they are fucked by their parents, while they are brainwashed

Tom and Melisa not resist more and they becoming mindless slaves

Anonymous said...

Oooooooo! I just have to know what becomes of Melissa in the shed. I can't help but notice there's a barn-yard animal theme running through this universe of yours. Mitsi becomes a piggy and Melissa is on her way to becoming a cow. I hope the next Amsterdamned Nights shed more light on where and how the transformations take place. Or has all that been programmed into their subconscious already from the hypo?


KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your comment, the scenario you have just mentioned was actually similar to the concept I was initially pondering over a few years ago. :) The scenario that I ended up going with has very much been the opposite to such idea’s I had… I wont say anything more though as I don’t want to give any story parts away. :):):)

I do like the concept that you mentioned though, mind-controlled brainwashed zombie sissy slaves are always good :D:D:D:D:D

Pink & Fluffiness

K@t ^^

KatsCandy said...

Thank you for your comment Sakari :):):):) I had never really noticed that I had such a barnyard theme running throughout my stories :-s ^^ I thinks its more a case of just not wanting to have repeats of characters ending up in the same scenario’s… as there are sooooo many stories where characters end up as ‘sissy whores’, and part of the reason I tried to include other characters in the stories are to at least add some sense of variation.
As for the next Amsterdamend Nites, only time will tell, both have now been written and I am about ¾’s of the way through the page layouts.

Pink & Fluffiness

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

mind-controlled brainwashed zombie sissy slaves???????

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous Not 'Undead' Zombie sissy slaves, since that would just be weird. ;D
Just a 'Zombie-like State of mind'. :D:D:D

Pink & Fluffiness

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the progress you're making on the next Amsterdamned Nites. Do you have any news on when Strapford Pound is going to be released? I know a lot of people, myself included, are anxious to see what you've been working on!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the progress you're making on the next Amsterdamned Nites. Any news on when Strapford Pound is going to be released? I know a lot of people, myself included, are anxious to see what you've been working on! Please tell us it will be out soon

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous, I think its looking more likely that Amsterdamned Nites parts 2 & 3 will likely be out before the 'Strapford Pound' is.

Hopefully I should have news of Amsterdamned Nites Progress either later this week or next week.

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more diaper situations like in the first one... And of course, seeing his wife again would be great, especially if she's forced to abuse him again. I should admit, I got a thrill out of seeing him forced to lick the very dirty vibrator toward the end of the comic. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

how is a comic that is already completed not being released? what's going on with candykink that you can say that a comic you are just getting around to sketches will be done before then?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the anonymous poster before me. This is very disappointing to hear. I've been following your blog for quite a while now, watching the progress on Strapford Pound, and anxiously awaiting the chance to get to see what you've been working on all this time. It sounded like the comic was nearing completion and now there's a chance it might not be out until after your next TWO comics?

What happened? It sounded like the comic was done! Is candykink holding it up? If so, I'm already not liking this new site and it hasn't even launched yet. Please, K@T. Trophy Boy came out so long ago and I know that I'm not the only one anxious to see more from you!

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous 1, I am happy that you enjoyed the first part of Amsterdamned Nites… :):):)

With both scripts for parts 2 & 3 now finished, I wont go into story details, but I will say that diapering is featured, although its predominantly in the 3rd Part. As the second part is more about attempting to set the scene ‘so to speak’ for the Story’s Conclusion in the 3rd & Final Part.

Pink & Fluffi Weekend Wishes :):):):)
K@t ^^

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous 2 & 3, what I know is that originally the site was supposed to be opening early to mid-january, but due to reason’s outside of their control it probably wont be opened now until late 2014.

Also just to clarify, the Strapford Pound is NOT actually comic, its more an illustrated story.

The reason Strapford Pound took so long to complete was because at any one time during the course of that project I was also working on 3-6 other projects at once, possibly even 7 at one point if I recall correctly… BUT with these 2 issues of Amsterdmaned Nites I have no other side projects and will solely be working on them from start to finish.

When there is News of the Strapford Pounds Release I will Post it here on my Blog & DA page.

Pink & FLuffi Happi Weekend Wishes… :):):):):)


Wolfendale said...

Fantastic comic! purchased it as soon as it came out. I like the progression of the series so far.

As for part 3 if you're still having trouble it would be interesting to see life months after part 2. The brother is obviously physically transformed surgically (maybe on the fitter side through exercise too) but mentally tranformed moreso by stockhom syndrome instead of the chambers. If Trixie's master is raided by police and slightly recupperates mentally, Melisa's mom is forced to buy him to keep Amsterdamned Nites a secret and is reunited with Melisa and his sissy brother. Something along those lines...

KatsCandy said...

Hi Wolfendale, Thank you so much for your comment & thoughts, I am so happy that you liked it. :D:D:D

You actually are kind of a little bit right with your prediction, although not really, if that makes sense... ^^ But I will say that the story does carry straight on from where part 2 leaves off, but with enough time having past that Trixie’s Breast’s are healed adequately... :):):)

I am having to stop myself saying anything too teasing that may give away the endings, but hopefully you'll enjoy Part 3 much more than part 2 (At least that’s my aim for Part 3)... :D:D:D

Although I don’t think that Amsterdamned needs to worry about the Police since its Owned by the Richest & Most Powerful people in the World. Even Richer than Celebrities... :-O :D

Whatever Goes to Amsterdamned... Stays in Amsterdamned.... FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

Thank you Wolfendale for your comment & for purchasing part 2 of Amsterdamned, I truly am so happy that you enjoyed it.

Pink & Fluffi Wishes to you. :D:D:D

K@t ^^

Math said...

K@t, I really enjoy your Amsterdamed Nites series and cant wait to see Part 3.

I would suggest for Trixie Brother to become somekind of remote controlled Sissy , with Earphones permenently installed in her Ears so the only thing she could hear is her Master voice and recorded brainwash session (Really like the Headphones Brainwash thing) Keep up the good work

KatsCandy said...

Hi Math, Thank for you the kind words, I am very happy that you have been enjoying the Amsterdamned Nites Series. :):):)

...And Thank you for the Suggestion, I have just made a note of it, and while the basis for the story/script has already worked out, I might be able to squeeze in the something to hopefully satisfy such a thoughtful suggestion.:D:D:D

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^

columbus said...

The most erotic series ever!!!!

KatsCandy said...

That's very kind of you to say Marco, Thank You. :D

Did you have a Favourite Part?