EDIT (2016): Back in 2011/ 2012 when I originally began Creating the sets of posts and the Countdown to the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Comic I had every intention of creating the Comic, the Script was already Written, Half the Pages were already planned out, I had started Pencilling and Inking Proper Pages and I even have at least half a dozen additional pages of documentation laying-out the first ideas and Story-line of an Additional Scenario Introducing the 'Whole Town' (The Prissy Princess Poodle Palace salon is located in the Very Middle of that Town) full of Alpha Men & Women and the story's of their little Beta Partner Bimbo's, Sissies & Pets.

I don't know if any of these Stories will ever come to fruition, I sincerely hope they all do someday, but I just wanted to clarify the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Comic Situation.

Pink & Fluffiness

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Wannabe_Baby said...

Eeeee! So exciting! I've never wanted to visit the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace so much in my life! I wonder if they're looking to hire sissies. Hmm ...

You mention that you wish you'd left one of the chubbier sissies in the display windows but I thought the sissy second from the left on the top floor had a bit of a belly anyway. I like that. ^_^ I think chubbier sissies look more "real" and I prefer it to ultra-feminine sissies. I wish more artists would draw sissy boys showing off their curves. =P We have BBWs, we could have BBSissies!

I didn't win the 500,000 pageview contest but thank you for the nice e-mail message telling me I hadn't won. =)

K@T said...

Thank you Guest1001 for your lovely comment...:):):) Well I don't think they are hiring at the moment, but I am sure when the PPPP hiring story comes around you might be able to pick up a pointer or two about what they look for in a PPPP employee. ^^
I'm sure there is some salon out there in the World Run by a Lifestyle Dominant Owner who would just love to take in a little sissy boy & give him a thorough makeover or atleast hire him as the 'Salon's hair sweeping sissy bitch boi-toy'...!!! ^^

you have a very good eye to notice the slightly fuller figured sissy in that second window :)

OWWWWW I love the term you came up with 'BBSissies'...:):):) I may have to work that into a comic somewhere :):):):):)
either that of *BSS* (BigSubmissiveSissies)... ^^

Your welcome for the pageview contest email :):):)

Pink & Fluffiness to you...

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is not a feminized scene from Dusk Till Dawn?

Anonymous said...

love to see the progress, I always look forward to something new at your blog.

I like the little cutie in the window lower right with the bouffant flip and bow hairstyle, also the darling trussed up and sitting and waiting in the convertible.

Just had a thought, is there a binding station or a securing area where the sissies are bound before leaving, or is that done at the styling station by their hairdresser after there coif is complete?

Sure would like to see some nice pouffy angled bobbed hairstyles as well as some tight straight skirts on a few of the pretty little bois.

Thanks for keeping all this going.

K@T said...

Anonymous 01 - What a wonderful idea it would have been to used that Big very bold & graphic Bar place from 'Dusk until Dawn' :) Although would have perhaps come across as a bit too macho and rough a venue for prissy little darlings ^^ , the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace is kind of like a little 'Castle' Salon. :) you might even be able to see the start of some spires in the top right & left hand corners :):):):)

K@T said...

Anonymous 2 - Thank You for your comment, I do apologise that it has actually been a little while since I last posted anything. :-s :)

There isn't a binding station, well not yet, although what a lovely idea, I may certainly see if I can possibly squeeze one in to the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace, they could be wrapped like little prissy presents... ^^

In regards to hair styles I think I might make an open call in my next email for any & all potential Prissy Princess Poodle Palace readers to sent a pic or 2 or their favourite or dream prissy sissy hairstyles. ^^

Thank you for your comment & hopefully I can continue to entetain you with my blog. :)

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you had plans to revisit your Amsterdamned Nites I liked the story line and was hoping to see more. but you seem pretty busy as of late. I must admit I'm to really into the sissy thing but your art style is something else. The girls look so amazing.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered the sign on the wall of the PPPP teaser from back in March 2011. "Sissies must be leashed at all times" So each beautician must leash and (handcuff, I would hope)their charge before moving them around the palace. I am pleased that you like the packaging station idea and I am ready to submit some cute girly hairstyles too. Thanx

Guest_1001 said...

How's everything going, K@t? Haven't seen an update from you in a while. I hope you're okay. And if it isn't, is there anything we can help you with? I miss seeing your adorable sissy artwork ... but more than that, I miss seeing your sweet messages with lots of smileys. They always brighten up my day. ^_^

K@T said...

Thank You everyone for your comments... :):):):)


Anonymous - In regards to Amsterdamned Nites I do plan to do a follow up... :):):):)

Sissy Denise - Good memory about the 'Leash' signs :):):) If I do use the wrapping station its more a question of where I can maybe fit it into the story... :):):)

Guest 1001 - Thank you for your lovely comment, I am happy to say that I am alive, healthy & well... :):):) and very flattered that my post's can help brighten your day :):):):)
I didn't even realise that people really read my posts... :-s ^^ :-s so its sweet to know that atleast 1 or 2 people do :):):)

Thank you all of you for your comments :D:D:D:D:D:D

Pink & Fluffiness...

K@t ^^

Classicerotica said...

This was one I remember seeing a picture for (I think) of a pink poodle in her kennel? I soooooo wanted that comic to come to life!!

KatsCandy said...

Hi ClassicErotica

I think you may be thinking of 'The Strapford Pound'.

Either that or someone else's work. ^^

Pink & Fluffiness
K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

You can't hold the PPPP salon hostage any longer.
Please give us possibly a few sneak peeks of it's progress?

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous

Truth be told this image was the last piece of work I created on the PPPP Salon, Other projects, more precisely Financial Needs rose their heads at the time and I had to divert my attention away and work on paying projects instead.


At Some point I would very much like to resume work on the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace, BUT I like to only work on one project at a time and at the moment its the Strapford Pound, after the Strapford Pound is a project which has already been drawn out in its entirety and then after that... Who knows!?

Sorry I can't give you a 100% confirmed answer, I truly don't know how the future will unfold. What I can say that is that while it has been 5 years (WOW :-O) since I last worked on the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace, I have not forgotten it.

Pink & Fluffiness

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments and I will be patiently waiting for the PPPP continuation.
Teased and tied at the Pink and fluffy PPPP.

KatsCandy said...

Your Welcome Anonymous. :)


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