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A 2016 Re-Worked Version of the Image Originally Commission Created back in 2009.
(The version above contains Alternate Text to those used within the Original Commission Page).

Pink & Fluffiness

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Avaro said...

I like it ^^

Adam said...

Nice contest I hope I win. Please tell me you have a new comic coming soon. I desperately need a new K@t comic to read. :)
Sissy Adam

K@T said...

Avaro I had a feeling you might ;D

Although writing different text for this car stand scenario was not easy. :-s ;):-s ^^

K@T said...

Thank You for the comment Sissy Adam. :):):)
I am working on the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace at the moment as well as some other things... :):):)
& I wish You good luck with the contest Sissy Adam :):):)

*** "and remember, if no-one capture's the 500'000 image then the person that comes closest (but not any number below 500'000) will win so keep close watch ;D "***

Wannabe_Baby said...

Ooh, this is so exciting! I have to start coming up with ideas for a comic and keep my fingers crossed that I win. ^_^

K@T said...

Good Luck 'Wannabe_Baby' :):):) Keep those finger's crossed & make sure you visit regularly to be in with an even better chance ;D;D;D

PInk & Fluffiness...

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

He seems happy by the end. ;)

KatsCandy said...

I think your're right Anonymous. :)


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