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the commisioner said...

well what can i say, my doctor tells me i have a large amount of excess testosterone

Adam said...

WOW! Go K@t! :)

K@T said...

Dear commissioner ;D Now I understand why my lustomic sales were so high this last month, thank you for choosing my comics to help work off all that excess testosterone... ;-D lol :D:D:D:D:D:D

K@t ;D

K@T said...

Thank you Adam :D ^^

Marche said...

I'm quite impressed. I've been a fan of your work for a while. Hell, I even made a Blogger account to follow your work.

Furthermore, I actually am a male who's dabbled in estrogen supplements, so this post appeals a bit and worth commenting. The thing that most people don't think so much about is that if you begin taking it early, it effects you greater. If a male takes it steadily before the age of 17 (say, a year) the user's bones will actual fuse into a woman's bone structure. Fact.

K@T said...

Dear Marche Thank You for your comment, I am very flattered you made a blogger account just to watch 'lil ole me' :D:D:D

There is alot of wonderful things that continue to amaze me about the human body and it never ceases to surprise me to the extent that chemicals & hormones can manpulate the underlying genetic structure in place from birth... Hopefully one day in the not to distant future our genetic structures both on a micro-biological level and on the larger physical mass level will be able to be manipulated with as much ease as a simple lunch time liposuction procedure... :D:D:D:D

sorry that was a bit of a ramble :-s

Thank you for your comment & kind words Marche :D:D:D



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