Monday, 27 December 2010


2016 EDIT : I have since updated this image, and turned it into the Feedee-Humiliation Tramp-Stamp you see above.
A Side By Side Comparison of the Older & this Newer Version of the Image can be found either on my Tumblr or Twitter Pages.

The picture (above) was created for 'Contest Winner' - Sissy Jenni who wished for a picture of 'Mitsi' who features in *Tiffani's Transformed Tart* & *Never Cross a Redneck*.
Only this version of Mitsi was to be at the beginning of the Sissy’s FATTENING-UP process…

This could also serve as a Post-Christmas & New Years Diet Warning to all you skinny & not so skinny little Bimbo's or Sissies out there, who want to corset & train those Tummy's and waist’s into tight, perfect dainty lil' Hour-Glass Curves.

Pink & Fluffiness

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Anonymous said...

Only recently discovered your site. I'm in love. Your art speaks to my most shameful soul. Thank you for being here.

Avaro said...

Lustcomic suck :'(

K@T said...

Thank you Anonymous, I am very happy that you find my work so appealing... Although there is nothing to feel shameful about Sweetie... We all have our kinks, some people just hide them better than others... ;D

K@T said...

Naughty Avaro (**Puts over knee & Spanks**)

Seriously though Lustomic is a good site, and is run by some lovely & friendly people, so No saying bad things against the nice people at Lustomic who pay me... :D:D:D

I'm sure it will be up soon, They are just spacing out the releases since in the space of one month Chris, Kit Harris, Xavier Duvet, Sarath & Myself all seemed to submit comics / stories... :D:D:D:D

Don't worry Avaro, I'm sure it will be up soon... :D:D:D:D

Unknown said...

Hi K@T

just found this blog , love your art! is there going to be a second part to Amsterdamned ?
as i woud really like to see how deep the Mooooing goes :)
please keep up the wonderfull work
sissywife melissa

K@T said...

Thank You for your sweet comment 'sissywife melissa'... :D:D:D:D

I am happy to say that i do definately have plans for the second part of Amsterdamned Nites... :):):) and maybe there will be other non-moooing noises to... ;D