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If there is anyone who would like to Add Text OR Caption's to the page, Please Feel Free to do so, as I would love to see what other people might come-up with for such a setting & scenario... And if you do let me know as I will post it up on My blog along with a link to your web-page... :D:D:D


FRAME 01::
The Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Salon Entrance, with the Dominant (and Her Leashed Sissy Pet Kneeling Beside Her) talking with a member of staff at the Reception Desk, booking the Sissy in for its Appointment.

FRAME 02:: 
The Dominant waiting area, where the Owners of the Sissies who are undergoing their Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Make-Overs can lounge about having a glass of champagne while watching some of the still New Captured Virgin-Sissies have to put on a little sissy show for Their entertainment. (wink, wink) ;D

FRAME 03::
The sissy from Frame 1 Kneeling beside the Reception Desk, is having its hair primped and poof'd, with a lot of large teasing!

FRAME 04::
The sissy is having its lips made all GlossiLicious!!! ;D

FRAME 05::
Over to the Manicure area where the sissy is being given a nice LONG-FAKE-NAILed manicure while another of the Salon’s Employee Mistresses is holding it firm while Her strap-on that is (forgive the bluntness) ‘Fucking’ the 'man' right out of the sissy!

FRAME 06::
Close up of the Nails that says ‘SISSY’ on one hand & ‘BIMBO’ on the other.

FRAME 07::
This is the Sissy Dressing area where the sissies are made to primp & pose while the many video camera’s positioned around the room record every moment of their mixed humiliation & pleasure for the Dominant Owners to take home with them later on as a means of Blackmail and Reminding Their Sissy Toy’s who’s in charge… ;D

FRAME 08::
The final Frame is the main sissy once again being displayed for all the Master & Mistresses to see in the Dominant’s Waiting Area, and for its own Mistress to display Her piece of property…!!!

=== The END ===

Pink & Fluffiness

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Jennifer said...

Love this idea! and The artwork is wonderful as always. Look at her nails! they spell out Sissy (I think I see the next hand well enough) Bitch! What fantastic sensations and imagery! Can only imagine what that must feel like. poor little sissy poodle bitch. *giggle*

Jennifer said...

Oh, just read a part I missed. It says Bimbo. Little airhead gets all the treats. *giggle*

Oozaru said...

I gotta say everything you draw is amazing and I can't wait see this piece colored and the rest of your commissions. Much praise to you.

K@T said...

Thank You for the comment Bimbo Jennifer ;D I am glad you like it... Although I cannot imagine many sissy's thinking that the sissy involved is not enjoying every second of its first salon experience. ;D

Pink & Fluffi Luv

K@t ^^

K@T said...

Thank You for the kind words Oozaru, I am happy that you enjoy my work :D and hopefully you will enjoy the finished coloured version of the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Salon as well... ;D

Pink & Fluffi Luv

K@t ^^

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, The first time in a salon, first time on display, first time on your knees... There's so many lovely firsts in a sissy's life. ^_^

Anonymous said...

this is such a HOT set of images. i am so eager to see the final result. (just wish each panel was bigger so i could better see the detail you put into it).

K@T said...

I would agree Jennifer, I think that having so many first's are probably why so many sissies love becoming someone/ something new & different. ;D

K@T said...

I am happy you enjoyed the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Salon comic page Fifi... :D:D:D

The final colours will likely have A LOT of Pink ;D:D:D:D:D

Pink & Fluffi Luv...


Unknown said...

absolutely love it !
think you could make another comic out of this , the theme is sooooo delicious ! :p

sissywife melissa

K@T said...

Thank you again sissywife melissa, i hadn't planned on any further works from this concept, but who know's... ;D
Never say Never!!! :D:D:D:D:D As I had been thinking of one or two potential storylines from the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace Salon... ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, my, my. The PPPP Salon is your next blockbuster comic for certain! The bondage, the beautiful bouffant flip hairdos with darling bows, and ball gags hushing the helpless and uncertain Boi Toys is just too much. So girly, so pretty, so cute and adorable, and so hot hot hot! It should be mandatory for every sissy to visit the PPPP Salon to get teased and tamed by your wonderfully captivating stylists and mistresses and then depart as gorgous little dollies, nicely trussed and hobbled, mincing daintily in high heels and on the end of a leash. Please don't put this storyline to bed, it is just too good. The artwork is simply fabulous.

K@T said...

Thank You Anonymous for the Kind words :):):):)
I do possibly have some plans to keep the story alive to extend the story either into a comic or illustrated story... :D:D:D:D;D

Pink & Fluffi Luv...

K@t ^^

Anonymous said...

thought maybe you gave up on the PPPP Salon.
It's time to tease us with some of the art you have been sitting on all these months.
Please give us more, The salon is in the middle of town? Oh, let us see it!

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous

I can confirm the Salon is in the middle of a Town, To be more precise it is in the Middle of a *Special* Gated Suburban Small-Town Community.

Regarding Progress & Teasers, I just wrote this in another post to another Anonymous (who may also be you, but if its not you then here's a bit more info)...

"Truth be told this image was the last piece of work I created on the PPPP Salon, Other projects, more precisely Financial Needs rose their heads at the time and I had to divert my attention away and work on paying projects instead.


At Some point I would very much like to resume work on the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace, BUT I like to only work on one project at a time and at the moment its the Strapford Pound, after the Strapford Pound is a project which has already been drawn out in its entirety and then after that... Who knows!?

Sorry I can't give you a 100% confirmed answer, I truly don't know how the future will unfold. What I can say that is that while it has been 5 years (WOW :-O) since I last worked on the Prissy Princess Poodle Palace, I have not forgotten it."

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^