Saturday, 30 October 2010


I Decided that its time to Have 1 Single Very Special Post Dedicated to ALL my Wonderful & Amazing Viewers & Followers. Showcasing the lovely pieces of Art & Writing that my work has helped inspire them to create.

My Sincerest Thank You's to All of You. You have no idea how much it means to me, for my work to have brought a level of enjoyment to you which has resulted in you wanting to create something to dedicate to my stories or images. :D:D:D


*** THE PARTY ***
Written By Mr. S.

This Lovely Story Dedication written in the 'Tiffani's Transformed Tart Universe' was created By Mr .S. 
A Passionately written Intense Evening in the Unseen Going-on's as a Brainwashed Mitsi embraces its servitude. Thank you so very much Mr. S. for your Fun & Imaginative Story. *BiGG HUGGZ* :):):)


A Wonderful 3D Fan Art By Ghim Morison of Mr Schwartz and His Toys from Part 1 of Amsterdamned Nites. :):):)Add caption
This Wonderful Fan Art was Created By Ghim Morison. I was so taken aback and surprised when I saw the wonderful attention to detail, even I was reminded of things I had forgotten about with these characters. ^^
Thank You Soooo  Much Ghim for your Superbulous  Image, *Huggz*. :):):)

I can honestly say I had never imagined or seen a My Little Pony in Bondage before seeing this image. :):):)

The 2 Images Above (The My Little Pony in Bondage & The Bride from 'Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man') were Gifts were created by Obsidian-Haunt (from Deviant Art). Who asked me who I would like to have drawn as a gift, and I said 'Pinkie Pie' from 'My Little Pony'. I love all the little touches, such as the gag and leg strap, the horseshoe nipple piercing (that I will soooooo be using in an image at some point the next time I draw a Pony-Girl) and Pinkies wonderfully efflorescent hair. :D:D:D *Many, Many Pink & Fluffi Thank You's Obsidian Haunt!!! *

A Wonderful Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, Fan-Art By SissyDee
Another Wonderful Always a Bride *SNAP* Never a Man, Fan-Art, I am always amazed by what other little side storylines you all come up with.  
Thank You SissyDee, *Lots & Lots of Pink & Fluffi Huggz, Sissy Dee* :):):)

A Special Thank You to Muffee Furslut for sending & permitting me to post these wonderful images that Muffee took of a wonderful outfit Muffee put together dressing as Pansi Piddles :D:D:D:D I love the whole wonderful outfit & the makeup looks incredible :D:D:D:D  *Big & Fluffi Thank You Hugzzz to Muffee*  :D:D:D:D

Posted above is a lovely image taken by Sissy Candy,who you can also see here on her DeviantArt page & who some of you may recognise as one of the Beautiful Models from the Birchplace Sissy Store. Sissy Candy kindly gave me permission to post this lovely image of her dressing up like my 'Prissy Sissy Image'. :D:D:D

For that I would like to say Big Thank you to 'Sissy Candy' for taking the time out of your days to put together such a wonderful immitation of the Prissy Sissy Outfit & sending it to me. *Lotz of Big Huggz* 

Katt's Wedding - Part 1 of 2

Katt's Wedding - Part 2 of 2
The Wonderful Caption's above were written by the Talented Captioner 'Sissy Dolly' from . *Thank You Dolly with Pink & Fluffi Huggz on Top*

The Caption Above was Written By Sara from Sissykiss.

Many, Many Pink & Fluffi THANK YOU'S to All of You...