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What sissy doesn't dream of camping in the woods with their wife, (a total nightmare right! no outlets for a curling irons of a TV). But then the Nightmare becomes a fairy tale as the sissy wakes up trapped in the basement of some Dominant Alpha-Male Redneck who wants to Strip the sissy candidate of their masculinity, Transformed, and Conditioned to turn the sissy into their very own Obedient, Broken Personal Fuck-Hole!


When Creating this comic my aim was to have fun with not only with the drawing but also with the colouring. So I tried a different colouring method from my past comics. This time colouring from the background first and then working up the rest of the colours (hopefully that makes sense).

I Truly & Sincerely hope that those of you that read it do enjoy it, Remember its called ' NEVER CROSS A REDNECK ' not only a good title, but I would imagine a good life lesson as well. ;-D

Pink & Fluffiness

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SissifyMe said...

i LOVE your new comic. i hope Your next story is a follow up to Amsterdammed

MandiMounds said...

I LOVE your comics, so so much! This one was really intense, I almost couldn't handle it! For your next one I would also love to see a follow up to Amsterdammed. It's so super sexy to see all the sissified whore put to work on the street!

K@T said...

Thanks 'SissifyMe' I am glad you enjoyed it, just a shame month's of work can be read so quickly. ;D

Although you may or may not recall I had a vote in place before the New Year on the next comic to be done and the winning amount of votes went towards the next comic being about a 'sissy doll' so hopefully you will enjoy that one. :D:D:D:D:D


And a Thank You to you Mandi Mounds for the kind words and as I have had the pleasure of reading both your yahoo-group and Bimbo-World website and enjoyed both greatly.

For the moment Amsterdamned Nites is not the main focus because as I mention above the 'Sissy Doll' comic won the vote I did before the New Year, so finishing writing that is my present focus.

I am glad you enjoyed my 'Never Cross a Redneck' comic. :):):):) and its always nice to hear that it was 'almost' too much to handle. ;D Although the aim is always to take the 'Almost' out of the equation... ;D

Pink & Fluffy Love...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing and coloring a new comic. The new coloring technique is interesting, but I personally really liked the coloring in your previous comics, but that's just me =P

Also, how exactly are you planning on writing TT3?? From the reference in this comic I don't see how far that character can go...

Best of luck! Your work is very much appreciated!

Mandi said...

OMG, I can't believe that you've heard of me! I'm actually working on redoing soon.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to the Sissy Doll comic. I look forward to all your comics!

I hope you are feeling much better and can start to take commissions again. I would love to get you to design a tattoo for me... that tats on your characters are some of my favorite parts!

K@T said...

Thanks Anonymous for your comment... The colours admittedly didn't come out as rich as I had intended, It wasn't until I saw the samples up on the Lustomic site that I realised the difference in contrast and colour tones, and because of that I will in all likeliness go back to the previous colouring style on my next comic.

As for the 'TTT3' reference, obviously 'TTT3' will be set before 'Never Cross a Redneck' which was hopefully hi-lighted by the term 'BACK' on page 13 or 14.

I don't want to give anything away, I will only say that nothing is ever set in stone, and now there's Billy & Red to potentially add into part 3, as well as the question where did mitsi go before s/he was brought 'BACK'??? ;D


Hi Mandi... :) Awww Sweetie of course I have heard of you, **hug**. :):):)

I for one am definately very much looking forward to seeing your site updated, I have dropped by the site many times over the years to see if it had been updated, as the whole site had such a fun and insightful feel to it. ;D

& I hope you enjoy my comics as much as I have enjoyed your site. :D:D:D

As for a tattoo commission, I am pretty swamped most of the time these day's, BUT send me an email to my personal email address: '' and I might be able to fit you in. ;D

Take Care Sweetie... ^^

Pink & Fluffy Luv...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful fantastic SPOT on! Thank you thank you.

Please can you find a role for the sissy on her hands and knees woofing like a doggy pet. so so hot!

K@T said...

Well Anonymous, I don't know, I will have to see what comes about, as TTT3 would be set before Doggy-C's transformation... but I may be able to fit atleast one pet sissy/girl in there...maybe... ;)

KatsCandy said...


Anonymous said...

Looks great! This sissy is dripping already!
3 February 2010 at 10:43

K@T said...

Thanks Anon :D:D:D:D:D and with any luck it should look better in colour and more drip worthy... :-s ^^

May I suggest tightening the tap on that drip before there is a huge wasted gush!!! ;-D

7 February 2010 at 23:22


Susie Lux said...

Your work, though somewhat rough around the edges in pictorial execution, reads like a wet dream of all that is deep down depraved and super hawt, you get the dirty nooks and creases of the mind like no other! You are the sissy slut Robert Crumb to my perverted fantasies please don't ever stop, the world needs you!

Luvs <3

I thinks am gunna save up for some of the originals, rrrawr
20 November 2011 at 10:44