LATEST PAGE POSTED:: PAGE 07 (Part 03 of 4)

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 To Be Continued... 

I Hope You All Enjoy & Continue to Enjoy as the Comic Progresses... :D

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Mike Pen said...

What a story. Great art and great plot. Thanks for posting.

Kats Candy said...

Your Welcome Mike, I'm happy your enjoying the Story & Art so far. :)

Anonymous said...

want to know the next

Kats Candy said...

Hi Anonymous, Very Soon... Page 4 Parts 1-5 are the Next Images I will be posting here on KatsCandy, As soon as I've 'Finished & Posted Page 5 on my Patreon' (Which I am currently working on Now). :)

Zoey Broad said...

just discovered this and its amazing, I love comics or captions about a wife or girlfriend being manipulated and transformed as well as the husband or boyfriend as well. If only there was more like this.

Kats Candy said...

I'm so happy you're enjoying it Zoey. :)

I think when both characters are transformed it certainly makes the D/s & relationship dynamics a lot more interesting and there's certainly more Manipulations and Transformations to come. ;)

Zoey Broad said...

I used patreon to pay for the month to see the rest and Im definitely not dissapointed. The only downside to this I can think of is the 3 month wait.

Kats Candy said...

Hi Zoey, It shouldn't be a 3 month wait, I believe the next page is the 3rd or maybe 4th in-line in terms of my current work list.
After the *Sissy Maid Pin-Up* and then a *Stand-Alone 1-Page Comic Sequence* based on the Winning Style-Theme for the Next Cycle.:)

Anonymous said...

when is this continuing?

Kats Candy said...

Hi Anonymous,

The Strapford Pound will be continuing, although I don't have a definite date regarding 'Public Postings'.

The Next couple of Full Pages have already been posted on my Patreon... BUT because of a rather Large and Overwhelming Social Media 'Public' Backlog, I've been trying to work my way through, to clearing the backlog before I post again on my public social media pages.

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^