Friday, 17 July 2020


Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
With the Climax of the Strapford Pound Story now come to a close, its back to so Pink & Fluffi Pin-Ups! :)

This was Originally posted on my Patreon, back in 2018... After 'Sissy Officer Jiggles', 'BiMBO (Pussy-Boi-Patrol) Officer Candy' came on the scene. At the time of this Pin-Up's creation I had some early thoughts with regards to this possibly being the type of Uniform the Security Bimbo's of PrincessVille might wear.

The LARGER UNCENSORED (Pin-Up & Magazine Cover) Versions of 'BiMBO/ PUSSY PATROL' can be found on my PATREON! 

Over on my Patreon I'm currently working a *SiSSY GAMER PiN-UP!*

Stay Pink & Fluffi & Safe...
K@T ^^

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