Friday, 10 April 2020


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Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...

I hope you're all well and managing to stay safe while all the scary stuff is happening in the world around us.
Hopefully this  PrincessVille Comic Page will help lift some Sissy & Bimbo Spirits. ;D

In PrincessVille there are 2 Institutions to help Train & Condition the Sissies & Bimbo's of PrincessVille... There's the *P.R.I.S.S. Academy* for Sissies... &... The *B.A.R.B.I. University* for Bimbo's.

There's 2 things I would like to Clarify:

1) I would like to make it clear (as this strip doesn't really delve into it), there is a minimal Age limit in the PrincessVille Community of 21 years old (For Dominants, Submissive's & Vanilla Visitors)...
So EVERY Sissy & Bimbo Student attending either the P.R.I.S.S. Academy or B.A.R.B.I. University is at least 21+ years old. There are even some OAP (Old Age Pensioner) students , who I'm sure will eventually make some sort of appearance in a strip at some point.  :)

2) When Sissy Cheri and its date are being called names which are not their actual names, it is intentional, I'm just not sure how to really make 'snarky' come across with written text. ;)

Over on my Patreon I'm currently working on a PrincessVille Comic Page, which has been inspired by a contest winning slogan of; *Dammit Sissy have you been using my lip gloss again?!*

Patreon Supporters have Early & Uncensored Access to New PrincessVille Pages and Pin-Up Content when they're posted. :D

Pink & Fluffiness

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused.

Are the permanent modifications meant to make Cheri ugly because they're pissed she called herself the prettiest? Or do they actually think she looks better with the permanent makeup and wanted to punish her by making her live up to her boast?

KatsCandy said...

Not ugly, But they are mean't to make her not happy in that moment.

Whether the sissy will loook prettier or not will be subjective... The main thing is that Mistress Nisha decided that She wanted her sissy to be a Goth so that it would draw a different kind of attention and take less of the attention away from Herself and any other Ladies in PrincessVille who felt slighted by Cheri's ego.

Stay Pink, Fluffi & Safe...
K@T ^^

Anonymous said...

There's something so exciting about taking someone who is already feminised and then "ruining" their looks by applying a whole range of new, more extreme alterations like this! I love it! Such a great punishment for sissies who can't be happy with their new life.