Friday, 27 March 2020


Several Months ago I was approached by Jizelle, (some of you may know her art-profiles under the name 'Sissy Jizelle') to collaborate on an Image. With this being the third time I've undertaken a collaboration project, this time I wanted to be the one to do the Colouring once again. :)

Jizelle has a Wonderfully Bold Style of Artwork... Although I found it quite tricky attempting to blend my colouring style with Jizelle's Bold Line-Work. So I had to make one or two minor edits to the original line-work in an attempt to blend my colouring style with Jizelle's lovely style of Line-Art (The Before & After can be seen over on this DeviantArt Post) and I'm very happy with how this Collaboration image turned out and I hope you Pink & Fluffi People like it as well. :)

Jizelle's is a Passionate & Enthusiastic Sissy & Bimbo Artist, so Please, Please, Please Go and Check Out Her Lovely Artwork. :)

A Few of Jizelles Images:

Pink & Fluffiness and Please Stay Safe...
K@T ^^

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