Thursday, 20 December 2018


Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples, HAPPY HOLiDAYS!!!
Sorry I've been away from my social media pages for a while. After having to Remove the Strapford Pound from my Patreon, I've been Working solidly for the past 2-3 months solely focused on finishing the Strapford Pound Comic, I'm super happy and Extremely relieved to say it's Finished!

Before I say this next part, please know, On the 22nd of February 2019 I will Resume Posting the Strapford Pages for FREE, Here on & my Social Media pages throughout 2019 & probably going into 2020! (Well on the social media pages that still allow adult-ish content). ^^

On Friday the 21st of December 2018 (Tomorrow), Lustomic will be posting the FULL & FINISHED Strapford Pound Comic from Beginning to End, for Purchase.

It will only be available to purchase for 2 Months
... After that, posting of the pages a few frames at a time will be resumed. 

- The WHOLE Strapford Pound Comic has had ALL the Pages Reformatted for Lustomic,  for easier reading and now has a total of 35 Pages (232 Frames).

@  Pages 1-16 ...... Have been Seen by the FREE Viewing Public.
@  Pages 1-21 ...... Have been Seen by Patrons.
@  Pages 22-35 .... Are New!


*) Release Date: Friday, the Friday 21st December 2018

*) Duration of Temporary Purchasable Release: 2 Months:
FROM *21st December 2018* - *21st February 2019*

*) Price: I believe it will be $8.99 - (for the FULL Strapford Pound Comic Story)

It's never been my intention to place the Strapford Pound behind a pay-wall, which is why this it is only available for purchase temporarily. Because otherwise I could not have afforded to spend the last 2-3 months working 10-20 hours a day solely on the Strapford Pound without any income. Had I not done it this way, then the Strapford Pound as a comic would not have been completed.

This comic posed some challenges which took me a little too far out of my comfort zone in regards to situational story-telling, but it's been an enjoyable learning experience.
Finishing the comic in such a manner has meant I wasn't able to spend another few months exploring & expanding on certain elements I would have liked to, had I been able to continue working on the comic pages as I had been. But I've tried to be consistent with the Artwork and Story and I really hope those that those of you who do read it, find something you like. :)

I hope that whether you're someone who reads the Strapford Pound Comic This Week, OR Several Years from Now, that you'll find parts of the Story and/ or Artwork you can enjoy.

Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^