Friday, 26 October 2018

THE STRAPFORD POUND PAGE 8 (PART 2 of 4) - Two for One!

Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples...
Work has been progressing well on the Remaining Strapford Pound, There will be 17 Pages in Full and I'm halfway through drawing Page 14. Although I'm leaving the Colouring of Pages 12-17 until all the Pages have been Drawn.

K@T ^^

P.S. ALL the (FREE) Publicly Posted Pages can be found ***HERE***

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Anonymous said...

Interesting background, I wonder if Whintey will end up joining the wall of the breast, sorry the best. As for her husband, I wonder how much he would be bought for.

KatsCandy said...

Hi Anonymous,I wont give away anything which may or may not happen, but hopefully you're enjoying the story so far. :)
Pink & Fluffiness
K@T ^^