Thursday, 10 November 2016


The Line-Art of the First 3 Frames of This 10 Frame Page. :)
Dear Pink & Fluffi Peoples... This Weekend I will be posting the First Page/ Strip of the Strapford Pound on My PATREON.


This has been a decision I have been going back & forth over in my mind for the past month, Since by posting the Strapford Pound publicly,  I will be losing any future option to sell the comic as a whole once its complete.

But I've decided I will be creating  a sub-page here on,  Where I will post The Strapford Pound Pages as I would really like it to become more than just another comic hidden behind a paywall.

HOWEVER, The Strapford Pound Pages will ALWAYS be Posted on My  Patreon First, Giving My Wonderful Patrons AT LEAST 1 Weeks Early Access to the Pages.


The Strapford Pound will be a 'Choose your Own Path' type of comic, in a manner of speaking. 

As the Story Progresses there will be choices which can be voted for by certain Tier Patrons...  Even though I have a rough layout of the underlying story, I've decided that none of it will be set in stone.

For example at the end of Page 2 there will be the first choice given which will start the story down the multiple path rabbit-hole so to speak. :)

Not every page will have a choice for the reader, But I would really like to make this comic something which feels much more organic than the standard scripted comics I've created in the past. To the point that even at times I may not even know where the story is heading.

I have no idea how many pages the comic will have in total, but I am really looking forward to the prospect of how the story may unfold... :D


Thank you to all and if anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask. :)

Pink & Fluffiness
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Unknown said...

wow that's great thanks Kat!

KatsCandy said...

Your Welcome Enki. :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome news! I've been anticipating this comic for, like, years! I can't wait. The art design for the sissy puppies is soooooo yummy. ^_^


KatsCandy said...

Hi Sakari, I'm happy to say, I have just uploaded the first page and you may notice a New Link in Links Bar Under My Banner. ;D

I Hope you Enjoy it. :)

Pink & Fluffiness
K@t ^^