Saturday, 18 April 2015


Decorating my workroom is still on my to do list, (I know, its been years), So instead I have added some of my most Girly & in Some Cases Immature & Tacky Looking Belongings to my 'C' Shaped work area for the purpose of this Avedon-inspired photo collage.

Pink & Fluffiness

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Ian said...

Looks good, one day i shall have my own den, one day....

Tiffany said...

Hiya - TIffany from crossdreamer here. We've chatted through posts in the past (although I tend not to do any blogging anymore). Looks wonderful and I'm well jealous. Want to get more digital art and painting myself - I love my tablet and pen. However I notice you have some kind of easel setup attached to your desk. I would be interested to know how much some of these kind of accessories cost you when you set it all up (if you can remember).

Kat A said...

Thank you Ian, Having a little den or or in my case, work-room is a very handy room to have. :)

What would your den/ study/ work-room have in it? :)

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^

Kat A said...

Hi Tiffany

Its not an actual Easel, but a 'Drawing Table.
Its called the
'Sonoma Table / Expresso Brown (model #13246)'
Here's a link to an image of it:

Or are you referring to the Wacom Cintiq digital tablet/ monitor?!?
Ermmm... ok, well here is a breakdown of the 3 main items...

*) The Sonoma Drawing Table was £90, but with International shipping from the US cost £326.
(Looking back I cannot believe I paid so much for a Drawing Table ^^).

*) The Main Corner Desk Unit I managed to win on ebay for an amazing £60, I would have happily paid up to £250 for it considering the size & strength of it...
(To perhaps put the size in perspective both of those monitors are 24 inches and they look tiny on that mammoth of a desk). :D:D:D

*) Lastly the Wacom Cintiq 24HD Cost somewhere between £1700-£1800 on Amazon( I cannot recall the exact figure)

I hope I've managed to cover your questions Tiffany :):):)
If Not, please do feel free to ask more. :):):)

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^

Twinkles said...

Looking great! I was wondering if there is any news on Stepford Pound, seems you go to a lot of trouble to produce your amazing comics and would be a shame for one to sit there unpublished x

Kat A said...

Thank you Twinkles for the kind words... No New News regarding the Strapford Pound yet, but it will come out, it may be a while still, but it will come out. :):):)

Pink & Fluffi Wishes

K@t ^^