Saturday, 22 February 2014


The Comic page for the 500’000th page view Contest Winner.

Pink & Fluffiness

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sissy adam said...

Wow that comic page is excellent. Congrats to the 500k page winner. And I still can't wait for the strapford pound. It has been a long time coming. Hopefully soooon... :D

Anonymous said...

What a perfect little sissy boi! I'm sure he'll learn to appreciate his new purpose in time. What kind of site will be exactly if you can tell us? Will it be a subscription paysite or will it be like lustcomic where you buy individual comics? Once again love love love your art!

K@T said...

I am happy you like the page sissy Adam & Thank you for your comment. I only hope that the Strapford Pound lives up to everybody’s expectations. :-s
K@t ^^

K@T said...

Thank you for the kind words Anonymous. :):):)
With the right training all little sissy boi’s learn to appreciate their new purposes in life. ;)

I believe that will be like Lustomic in regards to being able to buy the individual products.

K@t ^^

subkinkgurl said...

OMG I love this pic just gorgeous and so hot I would love to be trapped in that tank

KatsCandy said...

I'm happy you like the picture, Subkinkgirl. :)
I'm sure someone-somewhere in the world has such a training tank for their potential Slutty Toys. ;-p