Thursday, 14 May 2009


UPDATE - 2016 Re-Worked Image: The BEFORE & AFTER of this Image Can Also be Found *HERE* on My Twitter Page:
In the past, I have created several of the CD cover image's for Mind Mistress and Her Hypnosis Feminisation CD's. All the Cover Images can be Seen in the Image Below.

It's hard for me to believe that within the space of a couple of month's my blog has had over 10'000 page view's. :-O So MANY THANK YOU'S to all you who've passed on by, be you a friend, fan, lurker, lost & bored or just looking for porn and anyone else who I may have forgotten to mention not included in any of those categories. :):):)

The Original Illustrations Created for Mind Mistress Feminization Hypnosis, CD Covers!
Pink & Fluffiness

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